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FGNN: Serpent Update

Posted by Staff on 15 Feb 2017, 9:57 pm


Oh...is this one of my feathers? Oh wait! This is one of the Serpent's feathers?! Oh goodness! The Serpent is losing feathers at a much increased rate! How wonderful for all of you feather collectors! Just remember that in order to get that golden trophy, you're going to need 50 of them. And mind that they are the Serpent's feathers and not mine...poor vain molting bird that I am. Stress you know...trying to keep up with all the events in this event have this poor anchorman losing feathers as well! But I'm sure we'll all enjoy the rest of this event and everything will go smoothly soon, in time for the big Gala!

*Feathers now have a 25% drop rate when you turn in pets to the Serpent.*


Also, all of my fine feathered, furred, or scaled friends, this change comes with another additional stage. The items that you are so eagerly awaiting, they will not be priced until the 21st, and that pricing is going to be determined by the feather ratio. So the more you pluck those feathers from the floor, the more those items are going to cost. Keep that in mind as you continue your feather hunting! I know we're all looking forward to seeing all of you dress your best for the Gala!

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    • I still don't have any feathers yet. It's been really hard to get them. for some reason, some of the armor I collected isn't legible to trade in with the serpent?
      A suggestion is to hide feathers randomly on different furvilla pages or having a rare chance to collect them. This would've made it easier to accumulate the feathers.

      Thxs for reading

    • ok so this is now my 5th turn in, in a row where i have gotten no armour and weapons... thats 25 shields that i had to gather and craft and im not getting anything for it. The first few times i did it i got two daggers and a spear it was great to get a return for my efforts.. I understand if you wanted them to be harder and so u miss a few but 5 turn ins, in a row... that is beyond a joke.. completely unbelievable to be this broken.

    • If we still don't have 50 feathers now that the Gala has started, (I think it's started? It is now the 21st by FV time...) do we still have time to get the 50? Or am I stuck with a bronze trophy? Not that big a deal, really, if it's just for the trophy, but I just thought I should check.

    • Since my last comment where i expressed disappointment in not getting anything for turning in my shields 3x in a row, it has take me this long to craft another 5 shields and once again i got nothing but a feather for them, its so ridiculous :(

    • How the f do I make money??/?!!?1?

    • when the gala starts, does your trophy type (gold/silver/bronze) depend on your current feathers held or the feathers youve picked up ?

    • Lunarey you need to offer pets or weapons, the offer an item thing is for the mystery

    • thank you, Thornes , but now it wont let me offer crap. it the event over?

    • where do i find the serphant!?