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Happy Seventh Annifursary!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 7 Dec 2023, 6:12 pm


Happy Seventh Annifursary!


Along with the trophy and a few bits and baubles, the above link will also award you two of these adorable Fine Art Raccoons!

It's a happy little tree! See?!

You will also receive this fun Festive Party Noisemaker!

*annoying screeching*

Abyss Refurbish
One of our older Battlegrounds, The Abyss, has finally received it's long-awaited revamp!

The Abyss is a lvl. 20+ Battleground with a 3 charge requirement.


Inside you will find some very deadly creatures, which will challenge your fiercest Warriors. New treasures await your discovery, deep within the depths of this terrifying Abyss!

That thing on the end is pretty creepy...

New Furdollar Emporium Piñata!

Get the bat!

The Furdollar Emporium has a new piñata in stock. This openable item has a chance to drop one of nine new items.

Colorful fun!

As a bonus, each piñata is guaranteed to also drop one of five Gummybear Crystal items.

Do not eat.

Thank you for playing Furvilla!
- Aspen -

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    • I'm also curious if there is an explorer event or not. I haven't seen one yet if there is.

    • I haven't encountered them yet and they aren't mentioned here at all, so out of curiosity... are the big five not around this year? Should I be bothering with explores, or should my attention be elsewhere? Across my villagers it's just a lot of clicking, and it kinda messes with my thumb as of late (mobile user,) so the sooner I know for sure the better, I think ^^"

    • SEVEN YEARS?! Gosh, long time to be on FV! Forbidden space sushi noodle, am fear and excite at its detail, also love more rocks to hoard!

    • Loving the Murder Eel! <3

    • Happy Birthday to us. (My birthday is also the 7th) :}

    • The new abyss monsters are SO cool; the art is amazing

    • Where are the recipes to craft the neon goggles, the neon blade of the underground, the underground body paint and the jade baby dreamer or all those items potential drops from the neon abyss?

    • How exciting! Happy anniversary Furvilla :)

    • Let's all celebrate! It's hard to believe this site's been running nearly for a decade.