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Posted by AdminAssistant on 8 Mar 2024, 5:54 pm

Due to an error, some unreleased villager event colors were available upon villager creation. This error has now been fixed and all villagers created with the event colors have been changed to a default color of their species.

☀ MOD-Thaleia ☀

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    • Nooo my little Spooky Deer friend...now I'm sad.

    • Azazellon Why should you receive compensation? Just earn the event colors the same way everyone else has to, you didn't lose anything because you weren't supposed to have it anyway, and you still have your villagers just now not as an event color

    • Noo i loved salt life canine, rip

    • I'm curious what the colors were. Glad the bug was found.

    • @Azalellon you can see all the recolors here


    • Thank you for the news. that was an interesting bug I had no idea was happening, been a while I made a new villager.

    • These colors were available for WEEKS and nobody noticed until now? Sheesh.

    • Alright, so the people that had those colors for their villagers already should be compensated when the event actually happens. You can't just take that away and expect people not to be unhappy.
      I had two, thought they were "free" colors, I don't know all the costumes or recolors or whatever, this is...crap.

    • rest in peace, salt life canine