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Shamrock Hunt

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 12 Mar 2024, 9:21 pm


Warm winds are finally blowing into Furvilla, and Spring is right around the corner! To celebrate, your Explorers can participate in the Great Shamrock Hunt from now through March 31st!


Collecting shamrocks is easy! All you need to do is explore and you will find shamrocks everywhere. Collect 77 of them to craft a special Rosy 4 Leaf Clover using a Rosy Magic Recipe, which may be purchased in the Cottage Shoppe. This recipe can be learned by Crafters.


Your Rosy 4 Leaf Clover may be held by a villager as a keepsake, or you can open it to try your luck at receiving one of the following items:


New to Furvilla, or wish to re-make past Shamrock Hunt items? No worries, you can always pick up older Magic Recipes from the Cottage Shoppe.

Happy Shamrock hunting, and good luck to you all!
- Quinn -

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    • Ah heck I kept forgetting to explore :c

    • I'm still noticing the drop rate is very low, have any adjustments been made?

    • very disappointed in how this has been handled, I had hoped the calls for communication had at least been vaguely heard, but I guess we did get that one response that the owners had no intention of acknowledging the users, so I probably shouldn't be surprised. in all honesty, the rng change feels extremely passive aggressive to me, which is not a feeling you'd typically want from what's supposed to be a casual, fun mini eventâ„¢ :\

    • Please increase the drop rate! It is noticeable how low it is.

    • The drop rate on these things seems way too low.

    • Increase the drop rate :T

    • Agreeing with answrs here, extremely low RNG for the clovers...?

    • yeah gotta agree about the low drop on clovers... 6 explorers an collectively I only got 7 clovers, heh... an haven't even found/done any'a of the other things some of yer other players've found glitches in, heh... but we all know how busy ya are in tryin' ta make this game right so m'just glad we all tryin' ta make it more enjoyable }:)

    • This information has been forwarded to the team. If you find anything else that may be missing. Please do not hesitate to let us know via the Bug Reports feature or Bug Report forum. Thank you!
      HSoup Aviva

    • oof, that's a very low drop rate on those covers. glad I had them saved up! :')
      love the new bunny!