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Rule Clarifications and MOD Updates

Posted by Admin-Mat on 12 Jul 2016, 12:26 pm


We have been consolidating and reviewing a lot of feedback on various rules we have, and are happy to announce that all of the updated rules have been released.

1. The Terms of Service no longer forbids breasts, but instead focuses entirely on nipple exposure. Breasts are now allowed on Painties as well as artwork posted on Furvilla provided they follow the nipple rule. We feel this best represents a SFW environment while also not implying sexualization of people with that body shape.

2. The Terms of Service clarify our position on game asset trading with other browser games. The short answer is, we are fine with trading, however, we would like you to wait until the game is out of beta before doing so.

3. The Code of Conduct now indicates that CSS should not be used to cover or alter game stat information, including hiding or altering your or your villager's stats, or replacing your villager's image with CSS.

4. Our Forum Rules have now been updated to indicate that the phrase 'illegal drugs' refers to United States federal law, as there are discrepancies between the laws of different countries regarding what is an illegal drug, as well as individual states within the US.

5. Finally, after taking in all feedback with Painties and speaking with our Paintie moderators, we have completely revamped the Painties rule page in a way we hope clarifies everything regarding Paintie rules. We have been struggling with the inventive ways that players are creating some Painties, but unfortunately some are created in ways we did not intend for our bases to be used. We hope that this guide clarifies what we consider permissible for the use of our bases and helps clear confusion.

That now covers all the rules that have been changed thanks to your feedback. We also wanted to let you know that moderator applications are now closed. We received over a thousand applications and have hired our team. We do not yet have an ETA on releasing the forums as the moderators are occupied with ironing out issues with Painties. We will provide you an update when we have an idea of when the forums will be ready to re-release.

Last, here are a list of changes that have been implemented since Monday, the majority of them from suggestions e-mailed to us:
- grayed out Change Career button when idle
- destroy unwanted recipes from career page
- removed white gradient on long Private Messages
- Transfer Currency / Transfer Item on user page
- horizontal scrollbar appear in the message box when needed
- view all recipes/their reagents for reference: searching items in the museum now provides a list of reagents (for recipes), or a link to the recipe that crafts the item, or links to all recipes that use the item
- placed a button in the blacksmith career page that straight away takes you to repair requests
- Villagers page indicates which villagers are sick and with what
- item pages now include links to NPC shops if the item stocks there
- Paintie Removal button to strip a Paintie from a villager at the user's request
- the following items can now be used from the inventory on villagers who are not the active villager: medicines, pets, recipes, costumes, species potions, hp potions

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    • Gwennafran I doubt much will change in regards to active warriors, though. I personally can't remember to switch my warrior before logging out, and I'm sure quite a few other more casual players won't bother, and of course there will be players who won't know that that's a thing they need to do. I'll be pessimistic here until it's definite, sadly.

    • Wow. Eleven hours feels SUPER unnecessary. I don't even want to know how much steel that needed.

      Just discovered the menagerie. This solves so many space problems.

      Still looking for 100FD and frantically waving FC in exchange.

    • I wish the max villager amount wasn't ten :C (And I wish I knew that. I was going to make another couple villagers to make into all the other special species like Manokit) :C

    • Repairing my Narwhal Spears around 150 durability takes approx. 300 minutes but it varies by Blacksmith skill, since they updated on that. But I think right now there's no indicator in the maintenance market about the skill level until the part where you finalize your choice of blacksmith.

    • Macrotiskit
      Probably an elaborate sword from Olde Foxbury. They also goes up to 200 durability. Although, that should only be around 7 hours.

      Also, I'm sure all regions PQ will go up, the moment they are switched back on. As said, players now seldom bothers turning their warriors into other careers before logging out. :)

    • Okay, scratch that last comment. The time for that sword seems reasonable given the current equation, and it really should be changed. It's ridiculous.

    • Chaossal Over 11 hours? Er, are you repairing an Oceandome item from 1? 1/50 seems like it should take a max of 3 hours, given that 1/32 takes 70 minutes.

    • Did they up the timeagain to repair items?? Over a 11 hours to repair a sword is a bit much don't you think??

    • It looks like most villages have a quotient between 2 and 3. Maybe 5 is a little too much. I'll send in a suggestion when I get the data from Tigereye Peak. If nothing else, FV might like to have the data (unless they're already watching it, in which case, oh well.)

    • When will the game launch? :3

      - zvFWCp4.png