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User ID: #108683
Username: Hemuset
Gender: Female
Last Online: 26 Jul 2021, 5:54 pm
Registered: 12 Dec 2017, 7:36 pm

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❖ 31 • Self-Taught • Art Student • Monster/Romance/Action Horror Enthusiast • Christian ❖

7637_af587a254eae5e0f_I.gif 17766_e05e130720ecae63_I.gif 6377_970b2fdf04f9eeb8_I.gif 7018_e992dbc898b7ad8e_I.gif 7464_16472360adbe15f3_I.gif


Nicknames: Hemu, Hem, Zelos, Zelvuk, Zel, "Wolf Dad" (long story lol), Noctis/Noct
Birthday: New Year's Eve
Pronouns: Whatever you want, never cared about it, but you know, it's apparently mandatory now.
Languages: English, Spanish, basic Japanese
Art Styles: Traditional, Digital (supplies are hella expensive, man)
Commissions? Yes! I primarily would prefer money, but I can be convinced with items, too. Lol.
You're married!?, Since when!? Since 2012, to my best friend. It's fun!

Likes: Long walks through museums, drawing, music, sleeping, seafood, video games (my list would be too long), memes, music, writing, reading, history, kaiju, monsters, archaeology, dinosaurs, fossils, art, being a goof, my spouse (lol), anime, Disney, comics and cartoons too.

I'm a shortie and Latina (I speak Spanish mostly fluently, can't write it well though). Mom has mad chancla homing skill, some of the stereotypes do have their merit lol. My family is weird and dramatic.

I'm still getting used to Furvilla, so forgive me for coming off as a bit awkward. I've had this account for EVER, but I never used it before now (I was wasting most of my time lurking around Tumblr before the Dec. 17th apocalypse).

I don't really care about pronouns, use whichever (male, female, the its and theys) at your leisure. I have never been strict on them, and I am pretty old-school about the whole gender thing, so sorry ahead of time if I get confused with some gender labels. I sound old (I'm not even that old??? I'm 29) ... some of these new genders really do confuse the heck outta me. ._. but you do you.

Uhhh.... Yeah I guess that about does it, right? I can't come up with more to add. I guess I'll add more as I think it up. Yeah. Well nice to meet you, and appreciate you reading this. See ya!
Sic Parvis Magna!

LMAO, I make a HORRIBLE healer/magic class.

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    • Do play MHW on PC? I'm looking for people to play with.

    • Yeah I agree about Twitter being strange LOL. I think it's more for hey look what I did today! Than just.. posting art xD I could be wrong tho. I really need to invest in an Instagram account..

    • Thank you so much!! You have some pretty awesome stuff going on over here yourself! :D I currently have a twitter I'm trying to build up since part of my work is nsfw... I probably wont be posting much on my tumblr anymore. But Im beblasaur (twitter) and macemonstah (tumblr) :) I'll probably put aside a weekend to branch out onto other mediums LOL

    • Thanks :)! I appreciate the compliment!! I like your art too ^^!

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