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User ID: #10
Username: Beaky
Rank: Helper
Gender: Bird
Last Online: 1 Sep 2023, 9:45 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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Hi, I'm Beaky. I'm a lady who is very in touch with birds and the natural side of life. I love to talk about auras, witchy-things, and life! I also know a bit about reading stones/crystals and tarot fortunes. Feel free to message me if you just want to chat about anything - I'm fairly friendly even if I don't respond right away. Hehe.

You can call me BeakyBirds, Beaky, Bird, Birdie, Bird Mom... basically anything.

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I'm also a helper which means I'm here to help whenever I can! Have a question? Confused about how to do something? Feel free to shoot me a message with anything you're wondering. I promise, I don't peck!


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Comments 409

    • I have a derpy bird story. Couple weeks back went outside in the morning to let the dog out and noticed a female duck quacking loudly and circling our barn. I thought she looked like she was looking for her brood so decided to investigate. Turns out she decided to creep in the small window opening on the back wall and make a nest inside the closed off stall, not thinking about how she would get her babies out once they hatched... Thankfully I found them before they dehydrated.

    • *Sees non-bird in your villagers*
      Wait, that's illegal! >:o

    • For the Horde!!! =P Tauren are my favorite race. Tauren and Trolls then Undead, Orcs... Bloodelves being my least favorite. I don't like pretty when I'm playing WoW.

    • Would you be up for trading your Cowboy Kitty Plush, Spooky Scary Mouse Doll, Werebeast Gauntlet, Stray Chow Chow, and/or Yoyo zOf Doom for anything here?

    • aahahaha hello again ! <3 you are an awesome account neighbor to have ^o^

    • Honestly, probably not. ; A; I'm a broke bish and can barely afford my Netflix subscription every month. I miss Vanilla WoW tho~ I had an UD Mage back then. Oh man... that grind for the epic mount... and I played on a PvP server back then. Paladins were not my friend back then.

    • Good!! The more followers Empurror can get, the better! It's such a cute, unique style and they do such a great job. T-T They've also been incredibly nice in all interactions. <3

    • Thank you!! It's by EmpurrorMooks on DA. I think their coms are currently closed but they're so worth a follow in case they open again, I -LOVE- their art.

    • Oh, okay! They are all really cute tho!

    • love your art!

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