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User ID: #120762
Username: alphashad0w
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 May 2021, 5:08 pm
Registered: 23 Sep 2018, 6:06 pm

Profile description


originally from Dragonsmaw Manor

20 | she/her | +1 FV Time
Call me Alpha

Bard of Space
Sagigo, sign of the creator

I really need to update this

Main fandom atm is OFF

Favorite aesthetic is glowcore

I am an anon fairy, though the last time I was active as one was December 2020

---Currently not taking random friend requests---


You can also find me on:

-Instagram (MOST ACTIVE)


Primordial Shifty Morphing Potion is top priority

2528-giant-green-gem.png 4077-festive-lights-decosaur.png 6198-moon-dancer-peryton.png 5544-fairy-light-velvet-worm.png 5026-color-splash-leafy-seadragon.png 443-purple-arcty.png 3767-dark-lure-imp.png 1558-dark-pearl-flishy.png3163-necromanced-dark-drax.png 1566-galactic-echidna.png 3292-galactic-nudeer.png 4451-jewel-scarab.png3420-sugar-sparkle-crested-pup.png5749-wicked-snufflepup.png3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p





Villagers 31

Comments 21

    • ANOTHER OFF FAN???????? IN THIS ERA??????????????????????

    • Thank you for your purchase! ^^

    • what why did it comment twice IM SORRY

    • good on you for being subscribed to pyro

    • good on you for being subscribed to pyro

    • I found someone who also likes FOB... ôwô

    • That's amazing lmao. I feel blessed by the presence :D

    • Yes go ahead feel free to send a friend request!!!! ALSO THE USERNAME IS GREAT!!! That is such a good pun omg

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