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User ID: #127204
Username: Pridedrop-
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Feb 2019, 11:44 pm

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|Bea|♀|Bisexual|Artist, Animator, & Author|PST|

Hey there! I'm just a 16 y/o girl trying to make friends and have fun here on FV! I have been on the site before, so I'm not new. I hope we can have fun together!


TH: ThatOneLolf

I don't have a "wishlist" per se but I'm always looking for a Space Sparkle Glishy to give Yerri-
That and villager #88829 but I think the player who has it is forever inactive :')))

Loonarmys stay winning ✨


CSS by msjanny ! You can find it here: https://ploofballs.tumblr.com/css#_=_

Villagers 13

Comments 16

    • Hey, you commissioned me on my forum post, are you still looking to purchase a paintie?

    • It's no problem! That's exactly the reason why I try to get extra items during events, that way I have copies to give to people who missed them!

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful pet!

    • No problem, happy to have been able to help~ Also, welcome back from your break~!

    • My fursona, Keviko, was originally named Kiko!! (Also you had many cattos and I love them all)

    • I'd prefer it now so I can have a refund ready in case you decide to cancel and to prevent thievery who want free stuff without paying.

    • omg another intellectual that stans loona :D

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