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User ID: #12883
Username: Kitsunemochalite
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:23 pm

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Gee, it sure is boring around here!


Art by Murdock (#72162)


About Me

Feel free to shoot me a message! I adore light conversation and will always get back to you.
Any and all art made of my villagers is on their villager pages with proper credit.
Thank you to all the wonderful friends out there who have drawn my villagers, it means a lot to me!!


Double King's wishlist


Art of my villagers
Any Magical Gembound Plush/Gembound potion/Gembound Villager
Missing Minipets


My stuff


My dope profile pic you see in the forums was made by S4INTS (81016) Of my sheep OC Augie!


If you were brought here because of my gif I use in my forum signature and want some context, this is the show it's from!!


---Waiting on---
Paintie shifty from Honeylemons (#51030) 200k
3 Sketches from SeamusHarper (#5629) Paid
Custom Teddy adopt from TwizzArt (#95473) 60FD
2 Badges from -Deer- (#92225) 100k
Snuffle Paintie from foxdog2 (#59789) Octohorse plushes

Villagers 28

Comments 41

    • I saw your post and the minute I looked at your gif I started singing the sonic underground theme song, love your work and have a noice day~

    • i cant stop laughing at the sonic underground gif in your signature fsajbflkajbg also your painties are really aesthetically pleasing!!

    • Still so glad I commissioned art from you <3 Your art is so perfect! Happy Spooks!!

    • aye no problem! <3

    • Heck! Tysm for the giant attack!!!

    • Hey thanks for buying my junk!
      Here is a gif of a dog feeding an ewe

  • Comment has been hidden

    • i got a draggy harem for free months ago but i never got around to breeding them

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