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Username: Talonclaw
Last Online: 11 May 2021, 8:24 pm
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Feel free to smash my pumpkins!

Six brave souls all live together under one roof. This old manor house may or may not be haunted. With a Peregrine Falcon warrior, a Wickerbeast doctor, a Dragon explorer, a Dakotaraptor warrior, a lost Yak, and a panicky prehistoric theropod, what could possibly go wrong? ...Wait, was that a Dutch Angel Dragon that just darted by?


Hello. I'm Talonclaw, a grade-A forum lurker. If you ever see me post something, it means I've either finally worked up the courage to hit the "submit post" button, and am regretting it, or I'm very tired and not thinking straight. I am not a morning person.

The Painties I've done myself are done by mouse due to lack of a Wacom tablet or similar device. Frostwing will receive an updated Paintie. Eventually.

Currently working toward more dinosaur villagers, because one cannot have enough dinosaurs. So far I have: Six theropod dinosaurs. Working toward sauropod, hadrosaur, and ceratopsid dinosaurs.

To those out there who like collecting 5-digit villagers, yes, I am quite proud of having four of them. Three of which I made myself. ...And a thank you to whoever left Indigo among the wanderers, I'm quite happy to have him.

Anything in my stall without a price is due to receive a price. I will also accept offers on anything in my stall.


List of RP characters:

Name: Winter

Type: Albino Wyvern

Gender: None

Powers: Flight, venom sting (tail barb), sonic boom

Description: A mid-sized Wyvern with blood red eyes and snowy white scales, with bat-like leathery wings that stretch from shoulders to half-way down the tail, and a 20-foot wingspan. Head is saurian in structure, closely resembling non-avian theropods, with a single, short nose horn. Carnivorous teeth, consistent with large reptiles. Scales are pure white, slightly rounded with pointed tips. Thumb digit is detached from rest of wing, and fully mobile. Feet possess opposable toes, consistent with modern birds. Tail resembles that of a scorpion in appearance, and is used as a weapon in combat, as it is equipped with a venomous stinger. Tongue is forked, and pupils are slitted. Ears are external, with leathery frills functioning as earlobes to improve hearing.

Personality: Scholarly, bookish, and soft-spoken. Winter is somewhat socially awkward, and has difficulty reading body language and inflection. Generally good natured, but tending toward hostility around other Wyverns. Known to collect books, scrolls, and tablets. While difficult to befriend, Winter is very loyal, and will defend friends with their life if need be.

Abilities: Reading, writing, and speaking ancient languages; insomnia; woodcutting; fire starting; cooking, misc. survival skills

Backstory: Cast out from Wyvern society for a number of reasons (including the unfortunate mutation known as Albinism), Winter left their native volcanic mountain range to travel the world. Rejecting what most consider to be normal Wyvern behavior (strict gender norms, warrior culture, strict hierarchy), they instead choose the life of an explorer and scholar. Due to this, most Wyverns see Winter as Attack on Sight, and to their credit, Winter is quick to return the favor.

Full Name: Thaddeus Bushrun
Nickname: Mr. B
Age: 35
Species: Thylacine
Coloration: Tan/brown with black stripes. White patches between stripes. Dark brown muzzle.
Gender: Male
Home: Rainforest District, Zootopia. Formerly, River Crossing, Tasmania.
Family: Mother (deceased), Father (deceased), younger Sister (deceased).
Title: Professor Thaddeus Bushrun PhD
Occupation: Natural History high school teacher
Appearance: Average sized Thylacine male, with above-mentioned coloration. Additional markings include several scars along his neck and left flank, although the latter is never seen. Thaddeus walks with a limp, without a cane despite being in need of one. He wears a sleek T.A.M.E. collar and a well tailored grey suit.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, often soft-spoken. Distrustful of Prey species due to an incident involving his younger sister, and nearly everything to do with his students. Thaddeus does not make friends easily, and has very few to prove it. However, once he does make a friend, he does his best to be a close and loyal friend, often to a fault. He never places his trust lightly, and expects a similar loyalty from his friends towards him.


Yet to be used:

Full Name: Ramsey Woolton
Nickname: “Big ears”
Age: 18
Species: Lion
Coloration: Completely white.
Gender: Male
Home: Bunnyburrow
Family: Ma Woolton (mother), Pa Woolton (father), Jessy Woolton (sister), Jack Woolton (brother), Jerry Woolton (brother), biological mother (deceased), biological father (deceased).
Title: None.
Occupation: None.
Appearance: A large white lion wearing khaki jeans and a sky-blue t-shirt with The Wooltons logo on the front. (The Wooltons is the Zootopian version of The Waltons). Wears a largely unused T.A.M.E. collar.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, Ramsey is very cool and level headed in almost any scenario. He is fearful of Predators, and will actively befriend sheep, due to having been raised by them. He doesn’t understand why he wears a T.A.M.E. collar, as he thinks he’s a sheep.

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    • Omg. Your profile looks so awesome! Can i friend chu? owo

    • Love your Frostwing's profile! :D Honestly, seems like a wonderful village in the making!

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