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User ID: #169300
Username: Askata
Gender: Multigender
Registered: 1 Feb 2020, 9:25 am

Profile description

Hello! I'm Askata/Lux,

I use It/Any ( non offensive ) neos <3


<3 <3 <3 Happily Taken <3 <3 <3

Birthday: March 9th

I'm a minor

Just a casual artist

These pride dragons are super cool!
Art piece from an Anonymous User!


Thank you for the lovely art! <3 <3

More amazing art!


Thank you! <3 <3

Amazing art for Greeni!


I love it so much! <3 <3


So cute! I love this piece so much <3 <3 <3 <3

( Old ) PFP by ( Ah- Need to find them >< )

PFP by @VukasaTheDeer

CSS by TropicalDeer !

Help Alekzy out here!

Thank you to all the amazing Anons who have gifted me! Your gifts are very appriciated <3

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    • Yeah, I did that on purpose. There’s a lot of stuff happening, along with some technical difficulties, making it to where I might have to close the shop for quite a while. I have also been working on the Andoro’s, and I’m having a creative block too... so there’s that. I’ve also been using my school device for drawing and stuff, so the shop will be closed during summer. I’m also gonna be making my own Fursuit, which takes time. There’s a lot of stuff.

    • Thank you! I’ll have to check them out sometime.

    • Who made your profile picture? It`s super cute!

    • owo hi!!!!! i'm finally online and me and sage are pricing my mini malibat bois right now uwu

    • Always glad to know I have a friend on here ^^

    • Thanks-- Yeah, I'm doing alright. Just really stressed with school, and when I posted that I had just fricked up an essay and had to redo it.

    • h

    • Aww, thx for that tip! I really appreciate it <3

    • moneeiiiii

    • cus moneiiii

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