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User ID: #169300
Username: Askata
Gender: Multigender
Registered: 1 Feb 2020, 9:25 am

Profile description

Hello! I'm Askata/Lux,

I use It/Any ( non offensive ) neos <3


<3 <3 <3 Happily Taken <3 <3 <3

Birthday: March 9th

I'm a minor

Just a casual artist

These pride dragons are super cool!
Art piece from an Anonymous User!


Thank you for the lovely art! <3 <3

More amazing art!


Thank you! <3 <3

Amazing art for Greeni!


I love it so much! <3 <3


So cute! I love this piece so much <3 <3 <3 <3

( Old ) PFP by ( Ah- Need to find them >< )

PFP by @VukasaTheDeer

CSS by TropicalDeer !

Help Alekzy out here!

Thank you to all the amazing Anons who have gifted me! Your gifts are very appriciated <3

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    • thank you for the armor!! also i love your profile's css!!!

    • Thanks! Let me know when I can help out more, I'll have to go soon for today, but still--

    • Ah, I forgot to comment on your page... So uh I realized after I submitted the survey that I wouldn't be able to monitor a discord server, but I am still interested in doing traits if I can. You see, er, my parents took away non-moderated computer for quite a while, meaning that I can only use my school computer, in which discord is blocked.

    • Haha, okidoki. I'm glad. Take care now~

    • np! If you need any OF specific items I have lots!

    • XD it's fine I just posted though

    • Thank you so excited to help you out with the spices!

    • Okay! Anytime's fine with me! :D
      And please do send over the bases! :0 (via DMs becuz other places are poop for me. >3>)

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