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User ID: #200398
Username: IraShotShiko
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Dec 2021, 8:51 pm
Registered: 30 Nov 2020, 1:03 pm

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Status report: Life is going good for once

Trans MtF/Poly/Pan <=> Ace/ Amalgakin

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"You can't break what's already broken, you can only try to fix it." -Ira

CSS stolen from nabob0410 then altered to my wants

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    • I've seen it done before, but I don't- haven't tried before XD

    • oh! well that should come in handy, thanks for the tip ^^

    • LMAO it's ok

    • I didn't know you could parry it- That must require some good reflexes XD
      I could never
      yee, it's really catchy! got a nice beat to it

    • :0
      Banned Forever is a good one ^^
      whoa you beat a guardian with just a shield-
      *is in awe*

    • pog

      i dont remember the last thing i did

      i think i was running around in the gerudo highlands for some reason

    • Hey its me, Transgender Cat from the LGBTA Wiki! Made the account so yea-

    • do you have a ref for Shot anywhere, im drawing him as a gift rn and i dunno where to find his refs

    • Thank you for the purchase!

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