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User ID: #206144
Username: SpencerReid
Gender: I don't know
Last Online: 25 Jan 2022, 7:31 am
Registered: 30 May 2021, 5:38 pm

Profile description

Hi there!~ I'm Paws, just a boring 'ol furry with nothing to do. I like gifting people things randomly! <3 I'm obsessed with hyenas, so feel free to ping me and talk about them! (Hyenas are like so cute aaa)
He/they||Anubis||Demiboy||Trans (FTM)||Bisexual||Heavy RP'er||1 Hour ahead of FurVilla time||Aug. 15||Leo!~||

Anubis, collector of Oceanic Gems.

Changed my username! Was @-_Mercvrry-Cvrry_- !

Things I like-

Hyenas, Bo Burnham, Jack Stauber, Powerpuff Girls, Hamilton, Heathers, West Wing, GORILLAZ!!!, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and a lot more but I'm too lazy to write them all..


3006-flailadon-morphing-potion.png641-paintie-ticket.pngfurdollars.gif 275-coral-slab.png 5980-magic-leo-sticker.png3553-fancy-plant-drink.png591-gembound-morphing-potion.png
I have a tendency to put 'Z's at the end of words that end with an 'S' so please ignore that-- thank you! :D
I'm French- oui oui

Get a Magic Leo Sticker []
Get a gembound []
Finish my menagerie []
Get enough FD for a username change []
Complete Sticker album [56/216]

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Comments 117


    • Thank you for the items!

    • That's good, I'm glad!

    • Ooh, I get that, the dark is terrifying- you're alright now though, right?

    • Yeesh- I hope you're alright :o
      I'll send everything over in a trade real quick!

    • No need to apologize! :D
      Do you want the free ones still too? :o

    • Absolutely! Since those are the more expensive ones, these are what I'm willing to sell them for:
      - Shifty: 40K FC or 20 FD
      - Deer: Free
      - Canine: Free
      - Bovine: 10K FC or 5 FD

    • I'm so so sorry for the late reply, I got distracted-
      I've got a bunch of those if you want em :o
      I can give you a bunch of those for free, but I won't be giving the more expensive ones away for free ^^" I can definitely knock down the price though
      From the ones you listed, I have:
      - Bat
      - Bear
      - Bee
      - Big Cat
      - Bovine
      - Canine
      - Crocodile
      - Deer
      - Dutch Angel Dragon
      - Fox (currently brewing)
      - Gecko
      - Goat
      - Hyena
      - Manokit
      - Moth
      - Mustelid
      - Owl
      - Rabbit
      - Raptor
      - Saggitari
      - Shark
      - Shifty
      - Species
      - Velociraptor
      Here's a link to my alchemist if you'd like to see the potions I can make for you!
      I don't mind helping out, I love helping people complete their collections :]

    • Can you send me a list of which ones you still need? Or the ones you already have? :0

    • Are you trying to collect all kinds of morphing potions, then? I'm up for helping you if you are :]

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