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User ID: #26200
Username: Bullydog
Gender: Male
Last Online: 3 Mar 2019, 9:42 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:40 pm

Profile description

My name's Bullydog, or at least it is to you.
You can find me on FA on my profile of the same name.


✦ Artist
✦ Habitual Novelist
✦ Voracious Reader
✦ Still don't know why I'm on this site but keep submitting Painties anyway.
✦ I have a couple disorders but they are none of anyone's business because I am not defined by my illnesses.
✦ I am not cisgendered but I am also not defined by my gender identity, so I don't shout it from the rooftops.

Conversing with me on forums may either be very fun or agonizingly annoying. Here are a couple reasons why:

✦ I am ridiculously candid.
✦ I have been told I have perpetual foot-in-mouth syndrome.
✦ Sarcasm doesn't come through on the internet, and neither does tone of voice.
✦ I don't like using emoticons except this one :U
✦ If I think you're full of bullhonkey I will tell you, because I don't believe in coddling people.

Many people believe this makes me a wonderful, refreshing person to be around. Some others think it makes me a couple words that mean a nasty person. Those people will never be convinced otherwise anyway so I see no point in trying.

Here's that stuff you're dying to know:
Male ✦ Bisexual ✦ Poly ✦ Basically Married
My husband is not a furry and is nowhere near this community.

Bully out.

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    • Sorry for the late trade response!
      Somone posted a link to imgur and I lost track of time xD

      Nice to see you again! I love your art and characters x3

    • I hope you manage to get all the drama sorted out Bully (FC)

    • Gah. I do not think You're a real life criminal ;-; (I saw your comment on a forum thread)

    • -touches your art gently and cherishes it-

    • Lmao, okay. Just wanted to tell you.
      I felt kinda bad when seeing all the bs on there about you.

    • Hey Welcome back to Furvilla!

    • Glad you're back :)! I love the art in your signature!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • wicked painties you've got there~

    • you're back

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