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Username: Incvbvs
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:13 pm

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Icon: rinkhet on furaffinity!

Logo: Oni

Background: Cryptovolans

on hiatus!

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry!

Flannel Reliquary Chimera / Lucius Iliat Tailor / Damask Giltweave / Diamat Mara | ✧Beta Tester✧ | 25 | Male; he/it | Nonhuman* (Alien Shapeshifter, Incubus, Werepire) | Synaesthetic | Hermit Arcana | Lightning element | INFP | Type 9 (Peacemaker) w1 (Dreamer) | Homoromantic Demisexual | Listography
| Flannel, Lucius, and Damask are my self-representation villagers

beta_testers_guild_by_rainbywolf-daq5qro mlBabmx.png

Yo! I'm an illustration major and giant fibromyalgic Mess! (งツ)ว I'm slow to respond to most things due to having a pretty heavy workload most of the time, mental fog, and simply just never having that many spoons. If I don't respond promptly and you see me around doing other things please know that I haven't forgotten about you or your message and I do care! It just takes me time to get around to things!

I love Zero Escape, D&D, Trinity Blood, Guild Wars 2, vampire-related media (especially if it's Gay), and doin art! More info @ my tumblr about page
Furvilla-related goals can be found on Lucius's page!

Most of my villagers are associated with at least one song. If there's no video in their description, try clicking text or images in the descriptions, there's usually a link hidden around somewhere.

*Unless you want to argue that all spiritual beliefs are coping mechanisms, I'm not otherkin for coping reasons. Yes, I really do believe in my past lives. Yes, I do believe I have a nonhuman soul.

Please forward all complaints, anon hate, and Official Peanut Gallery Commentary© to the fax number: 1-800-DID-I-ASK


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    • Hahaha oh god yes, hang on lemme get the refs I submitted to them...
      Ref o1 and Ref o2 and their response was basically "LOLno simplify the design a LOT before asking us to make that." (Much more professionally worded, granted, but yeah.)

      Also I may have gotten myself a new fursona. Not going to replace FH, because FH is personal and stuff, but I really like this design I just bought. I also recently got into a new anime and hnnnnnnnnnngggggg I'm in love with one of the characters lmao. I just bought a plushie of him and I have no idea how big or small it is but it's adorable and I'm going to love it to pieces. Still salty that there are no actual plushies of Art though. Like really why is he left out? Nice, Murasaki, Ratio, and Birthday got one and then staff was like "okay we got everyone good job guys." I want the Nendoroid of this character too but FML to buy it new is over $200. And I don't know what the scale figurine sells for but I can imagine it's not any cheaper. //whines

      They finally got our queue straightened out at work but these past two days have been h e l l because the company put out a limited time price plan and everyone and their fucking dog wants in on it so our systems crashed two days in a row. I stg if I go back tomorrow and find out they extended it yet another day I may actually have to put my fist through my computer screen. Ya boi is also getting escalation trained soon so I'm gonna be able to take phone calls where people scream at me because we can't give them their services for free 24/7. Guess who's excited for THAT. :^)

      BBCode can just... Go... do something I can't publicly mention on FV without getting banned lmao

    • Thanks for the Tree drop! ^^

    • Wow okay look at me flubbing that BBCode like a fucking champ

    • I'm hoping so too, I mean... They rejected the first design I asked for last year for being too complex (which was expected) but Matixx's design isn't... That difficult, I don't think? xD Either way I still haven't heard from them yet so I'm *kind of* thinking that means they accepted, but I'd still like some kind of response from them one way or the other. :\ Speaking of Matixx, I got this pretty commission of him finished recently. Debating on whether or not I wanna make it into a paintie now that I've finally spiffed up his profile CSS. (Also gotta ask permission from the artist first.)

      Worst case scenario for the plushie is that they don't accept and I'll just have to hoard my funds and commission someone on dA, they do good work but their prices are like 5x higher for the same size as I'd be getting.

      Jobs are stressful at first. I spent a month in classroom training for this job, which was great, but then the first day we actually went on the phones I'd had WAY too much to eat the day before, and very little sleep, and man… I was violently ill and I didn't know if I'd survive the day lmao. But, you'll settle into it over time. Just gotta learn to balance your schedule. [s]Says this old codger who can't balance his schedule to save his fucking life.

    • I've been good, for the most part. I'm in cross-training at work so I'm learning the cellphone part of our systems now, and the minimum wage went up so I have more money every pay day. Outside of that, I'm just... living life and trying to avoid the snow. Doing good so far, it's December and it's still above 0ºC and all we're getting is rain, which I'm thankful for.

      I got my Christmas money from Sis too, so I sent in a request to have my Scarfox turned into a real life plushie. Haven't heard back yet on whether my request will be accepted or not, but I hope so! Most of the others in the Scarfox group have plushies of their babs so I want one of mine. ; u ;

      How about yourself?

    • Thanks for the gift, friendo! I'm still re-rallying my FC after blowing a huge chunk of the warrior career but I'm making the FC back so I'll have something nice for ya at some point.

    • !! ;w; aaAAA NO YOUU
      I mean. *gestures wildly at your villagers* they're beautiful!??
      Also your profile and Flannel's bio are interesting reads! You look really awesome!? I mean my soul (past life) was just a domestic english bull terrier doggo ejhdncfds
      I totally feel ya about this fuckin' flesh-prison tho, I hate how I look externally, it's just not ??? Me? So that was so relatable. </3

    • Hehe, you're very welcome! :3c

    • Thank you for the help with the Lanterns~ ^w^

    • *whispers* you're really cool omg

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