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Icon: rinkhet on furaffinity!

Logo: Oni

Background: Cryptovolans

on hiatus!

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry!

Flannel Reliquary Chimera / Lucius Iliat Tailor / Damask Giltweave / Diamat Mara | ✧Beta Tester✧ | 25 | Male; he/it | Nonhuman* (Alien Shapeshifter, Incubus, Werepire) | Synaesthetic | Hermit Arcana | Lightning element | INFP | Type 9 (Peacemaker) w1 (Dreamer) | Homoromantic Demisexual | Listography
| Flannel, Lucius, and Damask are my self-representation villagers

beta_testers_guild_by_rainbywolf-daq5qro mlBabmx.png

Yo! I'm an illustration major and giant fibromyalgic Mess! (งツ)ว I'm slow to respond to most things due to having a pretty heavy workload most of the time, mental fog, and simply just never having that many spoons. If I don't respond promptly and you see me around doing other things please know that I haven't forgotten about you or your message and I do care! It just takes me time to get around to things!

I love Zero Escape, D&D, Trinity Blood, Guild Wars 2, vampire-related media (especially if it's Gay), and doin art! More info @ my tumblr about page
Furvilla-related goals can be found on Lucius's page!

Most of my villagers are associated with at least one song. If there's no video in their description, try clicking text or images in the descriptions, there's usually a link hidden around somewhere.

*Unless you want to argue that all spiritual beliefs are coping mechanisms, I'm not otherkin for coping reasons. Yes, I really do believe in my past lives. Yes, I do believe I have a nonhuman soul.

Please forward all complaints, anon hate, and Official Peanut Gallery Commentary© to the fax number: 1-800-DID-I-ASK


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    • Someone was talking about their fav "obscure" games on Flight Rising and mentioned it. Naturally, I looked it up because I was curious, and immediately found a picture of a bunch of the species available (which all looked cool) but one of them..was a literal wall..and of course for my idiot mind that was the BEST ONE. So I'm like, I GOTTA FIND OUT WHAT THIS CREATURE'S CALLED IT'S MY NEW SON so after scouring the wiki I got kind of absorbed in the story of some of the games and the creature designs and started watching bits of the anime..monol's still my fav critter tho

    • I only recently found out about it (like last november) and i love this character so..i had to

    • The Harpoon is quite a problem, the blood attracts sharks and other monsters and it makes it hard to swim. [Thank you for the comment!]

    • Thank you for your skulls!!!!!! May you triumph in battle !!

    • It's more or less been one hell of a ride. Yikes can it stop now? Lmao. But I'm happy regardless thanks to Jake.

    • Oh, something mildly exciting did happen since we last talked. My persona got accepted on-site!

    • It's okay, you haven't really missed anything. Someone's riding my ass on the salt blog for whatever reason, but other than that... Oh, I seem to have frigged up my right foot somehow. I'm not sure what I did, but I woke up one morning and discovered my right foot is REALLY painful to walk on. I wasted four hours in the hospital two days ago to see if I could get an x-ray, but it was a total waste of time. Ended up going to a walk-in clinic and coming home with pen drawings on my foot and a bottle of Naproxen. Not impressed, lmao. Naproxen's not helping, I just want my ability to walk back.

      People keep going on about how good Celesteela is, but even after hacking my save file to have perfect IVs and the nature and attacks that people recommended, I don't see the big deal so I just soft reset without saving lol. I want to try out Kartana though, it seems like it might be good.

      One of the anime series I was really enjoying just ended, so I feel a little lost right now lol. Wasn't the best series around, but... I really liked two of the characters (my OTP not gonna lie), and they had a happy ending and it was actually pretty satisfying.

    • Oh yeah. Totally. I'm all healed up now. Procedure went really well. Sadly it didn't fix all of my problems but at least some got fixed. Sup!? ❤

    • Maaaaaan, I solo'd the Elite Four with a Xurkitree twice. The first time, I had a Spritzee I was leveling up (after the Pokemon Bank update I bred myself a bunch of shit lmao) and the second time was just Xurkitree alone and it just completely wasted the Elite Four lmao. I love my Xurkitree so much. <3

      (Being honest I never thought I'd actually like any of the Ultra Beasts but holy shit, I was wrong.)

      I… I watched one episode of season two of K Project and I never went back. The first season was good, I enjoyed it well enough, but season two did not leave me with the best impression so I just dropped it for better things.

      Well, as long as the writing quality isn't as bad as Twilight or 50 Shades, it's already doing better than it could be. xD

    • Hi friend. It's Dei) Changed my username but I'm back on Furryhell.

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