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Icon: rinkhet on furaffinity!

Logo: Oni

Background: Cryptovolans

on hiatus!

I don't accept random friend requests, sorry!

Flannel Reliquary Chimera / Lucius Iliat Tailor / Damask Giltweave / Diamat Mara | ✧Beta Tester✧ | 25 | Male; he/it | Nonhuman* (Alien Shapeshifter, Incubus, Werepire) | Synaesthetic | Hermit Arcana | Lightning element | INFP | Type 9 (Peacemaker) w1 (Dreamer) | Homoromantic Demisexual | Listography
| Flannel, Lucius, and Damask are my self-representation villagers

beta_testers_guild_by_rainbywolf-daq5qro mlBabmx.png

Yo! I'm an illustration major and giant fibromyalgic Mess! (งツ)ว I'm slow to respond to most things due to having a pretty heavy workload most of the time, mental fog, and simply just never having that many spoons. If I don't respond promptly and you see me around doing other things please know that I haven't forgotten about you or your message and I do care! It just takes me time to get around to things!

I love Zero Escape, D&D, Trinity Blood, Guild Wars 2, vampire-related media (especially if it's Gay), and doin art! More info @ my tumblr about page
Furvilla-related goals can be found on Lucius's page!

Most of my villagers are associated with at least one song. If there's no video in their description, try clicking text or images in the descriptions, there's usually a link hidden around somewhere.

*Unless you want to argue that all spiritual beliefs are coping mechanisms, I'm not otherkin for coping reasons. Yes, I really do believe in my past lives. Yes, I do believe I have a nonhuman soul.

Please forward all complaints, anon hate, and Official Peanut Gallery Commentary© to the fax number: 1-800-DID-I-ASK


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    • Okay, I got momentarily distracted with Pokemon Duel but I LIVE!

      I've thought of Pokemon Gijinkas but somehow... My imagination never translates well to canvas for some reason. I'd love to make one of Xurkitree though in my kind of aesthetic and "preferences" when it comes to human appearance. > w > My favorite pokemon and I'm not even sorry. I generally tend to be the opposite with stuff; I can take a humanoid design and animalize it (I did that with my persona recently lmao), but I'm absolute shit when it comes to the reverse. Maybe I just need more practice.

      If you get down to the core of it, a lot of stuff people like has "problems," both from logical and moral standpoints. But, I don't really bother to dwell on that kind of stuff because at the end of the day, well, it's basically just fictional media and it's not like I'm suddenly gonna be like "wow I saw this in a show/game/book/etc. so I'm gonna do this IRL!!!" I don't get the whole fixation of that kind of thing, tbh. Then again I'm really just not one for drama so when I see that topic come up I kinda just turn around and walk the other way.

      I'm familiar with anime trainwrecks though. The anime that Art's from... Season one was honestly mediocre at best, but season two needs a complete do-over because stuff was so inconsistent (both plot AND character-wise) from the first season it was actually kind of infuriating. There was a change of staff between the two and it's like the 2nd season staff didn't even watch the first season or pay attention to it at all?

      So yeah, I get where you're coming from a bit with that. //pat pat
      I'll have to see if I can hunt down the novels here where I live. o:

    • I see your reply, but I'm about to eat supper so I'll reply properly after that. xD
      I haven't run off, or died. I promise. xD

    • It was fun, albeit a bit of a rushed trip since we only had about 3 days. Mom bought us all tickets to go see Jennifer Lopez in concert. They weren't too impressed with it in the end but I loved it. xD We also saw David Copperfield, which was fun too. Mom and Dad like gambling at the casinos (Mom won $1000 too!) but I'm not one for throwing my money away on chance. xD The day before we were scheduled to leave, I asked if we could go to Circus Circus so that I could ride the coaster(s, found out they'd added another one since I was last there) in the AdventureDome. Those were a blast!

      Ah, sounds fun! By pokemon designs do you mean... Gijinka, or something like that? I've always been interested in those but was never creative enough to make any myself. xD Oo, Trinity Blood! I've never had the chance to read the books or watch the animated series but I've seen images and I've always liked the character designs. Let me know how the books are!

    • Recovering from this dumb cold I got on the way back from Vegas, but also trying to collect some last minute pets to offer to the serpent before the festival closes. o: Art's birthday was yesterday too so I was celebrating that.


    • //pokes in a subtle manner

    • Apparently blacksmithing is a deadly profession, if it can end up breaking limbs.

      Thanks for the meds

    • Thanks for the purchase. ^^

    • i love your art style so much ugh flannels paws and eyes look so amazing i lovehow they're rendered

    • You're very very welcome! If you open a shop, I definitely want to know! I'd love to commission you in the future!

    • Your artwork and painties are literally some of my favorite on the site. ;_; Seriously. Great work!

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