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User ID: #44051
Username: Insanity_Rocket
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Mar 2019, 10:24 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 11:11 am

Profile description

| Female | Straight | Aquarius |

This is Captain Orion! He is my child. Don't touch. I will haunt you.
Hello! I consider myself pretty friendly, so feel free to talk to me about anything. I will be happy to give my opinion,
I love to roleplay! If you like to roleplay too, send me a message!


Rocket's paintie made by= BritishSarcasm
Tyler's paintie made by=aevios
Briar's paintie made by= Stoop
Auburn and Enigma's painties made by ch3rvb
Luna's paintie made by= Wayla
Quarter's paintie made by Yami_Raichu

Villagers 12

Comments 180

    • thank you! all your painties are amazing too! ;w;
      i haven't actually done any roleplaying before, so i'm not so sure about that orz

    • I want built in devil horns ;-;

    • well, it IS Tori
      when was she never cute

    • YEAH
      I was scrolling through the Video's comments and found out xD

    • yesss matilda
      Who doesn't like free boxes

    • The end is my favorite too :0
      Which genderswap is your favorite?

    • Yee as far as I now, the guy who was currently doing eddsworld handed it over to Edd's family. (I think?? I did only a little bit of digging after I watched The End 1 million times)
      Also, he really did sound eerily similar xD

    • Yep, I knew that! (I was so sad when he died-)
      The latest news I know is that eddsworld is continuing as a comic???

    • whAT
      there's a movie coming out?!
      (I try so hard to keep up with the news but rip)

    • yES
      The end was kind of sad for me ;w;

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