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User ID: #46251
Username: Roidgy
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 4:22 pm

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Hi I'm Cali :Y It's short for Caligula

He/They || 17 || California || 2 hours behind game time

I like videogames and Makin Jokes

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My lovelies Grim n Puff by AngelSami


Villagers 36

Comments 17

    • What a diverse and interesting village~

    • Thank you for the trade. ^.^

    • I would be happy to do the trade for the candycorn bat. Just let me know what gender you would prefer. =3

    • Do you have any interest in pets from Dragon's Maw Manor by any chance? I have a variety of Rares and SRs from there.

    • Sorry to bother you over your comments but is there any chance you would be up for pet trades for the melting bunny you have in the stalls or are you only looking for FD offers?

    • it says you do not have a free slot to take the doggo, and I should be able to send it nlw, or soon

    • GAH! I'm sorry I'm so late with this, but thanks so much for the capsules~! Now I can finally finish mastering your villages medicines~ <33

    • I love your opinions on that species topic and I really respect that you stood up for that person's art because people were being so rude. Thank you so much for being that good person! I barely even know you but imma say you're super cool B)

    • aw thanks! I could say the same of you as well :)

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