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User ID: #6032
Username: RubyZoisite
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:35 pm

Profile description

Formally known as SimplySuburban

Des | 25 | they/them | FV -2
Tumblr | Flight Rising | Toyhouse

I still play FV a bit.

I adore cats and have a deep emotional connection with them.
Let me talk about my cats all day!

Please keep interaction to a minimum/surface level stuff.
I feel uncomfortable getting too personal with minors.
Friend requests are fine.

All I desire on this site are more of these

Villagers 61

Comments 192

    • !!! What do you need next? I don't like Coins or Tokens, so why not give you my spares? o<o

    • What are you using the Sun Coins for? For anything I can buy/gift you, maybe? :3

    • good luck with your sword of discourse. I wish you the best and hope you haven't resurrected any demonic beings.

    • yo thanks for droppin all that medicine, i have legit like 3 fuckin villagers with gill rot i cri

    • Gosh, I love your painties so much! They're very pretty ^^ Did you draw them yourself?

    • just stopping by to say that all of your painties are really lovely!! i really like your corrupted gem designs :3

    • Hey there! Ooop, better go update Misique's profile haha ^-^; Thank you for letting me know!!!

    • Thanks for the generous tree donation!

    • idk how man idk what im doing im just tryin to get interested in fv again lmao

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