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User ID: #606
Username: Minato
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 20 Feb 2018, 11:55 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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hello! i'm minato, but you can call me matt. i'm an artist and petsite veteran!
i love fictional characters, video games, and fictional characters from video games

feel free to talk to me, i don't bite. :^)

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    • Thank you for making the CSS tutorial! It really helped, and I didn't know a thing about creating a CSS for anything before seeing that! Again, thank you so much ^^

    • Howdy! I saw your CSS tutorial and it helped me quite a bit but I was hoping that you could help me find out how to change background colors for whole pages?

    • om goodness VOLTRONNN!!

    • Hello? Are you ok?

      I don't know you, but it seems you've been away for a while and I'm worried

    • NYAAAAA!!

    • thats so cool, I'm saving up for a vita and dancing all night will be one of the first games i get, i'll also try to get p5 because the graphics look so amaze.

      i love pq that game is so adorable everyone is so tiny.

    • I love persona 4 been meaning to get some of the psp games

      c: have u played any?

    • jk they totally bite

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