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Username: Saruto715
Gender: Female
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 8:52 pm
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While walking, you find yourself at the back of what appears to be a shop with a little bell on the wall. As you ring it, the wall before you falls backwards. From the darkness, you can see a hidden shop being pulled up from the ground! The little creature before you now speaks proudly;
"Hello and Congratulations! You have found my Secret shop."
The only way to order is to message me.
Upon messaging me, you will receive a list of what is in stock, and available for you to order.

Have you noticed a big delay? Don't worry! I'm just sleeping. or running IRL errands!

Please send any unwanted pets, even if they are undomesticated.
Please send any unwanted seeds, no matter their origin.
Trying to get a hold of me? Send a PM I will respond A.S.A.P...

All CSS possibilities and Help provided by msjanny , Pachoopi at the following Thread created by Pachoopi .

Xylichio and Lupin5 are awesome

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    • I apologize for that. I didn't realize it was pending. I never thought to check

    • You're so sweet~

    • *headdesk*
      I shall remember to be more ambiguous with phrasing, next time. >.<

    • ... how did you know that was me? @.O

    • I'll have to get back to actually working soon, but I'll check on my next break ^^ and thank you I totally haven't had the time to get some of the pretty things.

    • You're super welcome! I was looking to get rid of him anyway. Hopefully you can grab a lady and smash the poor things together ^.^

    • I'm glad it all worked out for you, and I hope your new draggy is awesome :D!

    • Lol thank you! Enjoy your new petpet!

    • No problem! Have fun with the new potion! :)

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