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Username: Donburi
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:09 pm

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d4oVV3q.pngby alxq

Hey i've been kind of on a hiatus sorry
if i need to finish something for you please let me know, i might have forgotten

hey I'm donburi and Help how do I code

I Need Fur Dollas Bad

hey here's a cute pixel from MonsterFluff

logo thing at the top by Oni
css based on @cro but heavily edited
current icon by 3l

I've recently bought my dream home from cutiefox14
Not quite trash enough for a trash can. Recycle bin is the place for me

reminder: ping koro-san for art shop

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    • Sure, I'm happy to help. Oceandome weapons/Armor aren't the best, but it should help once you get 10 wins. :)

    • It's from a movie called I Heart Huckabees. Not the rabbit though, that's my binary reaper rabbit avatar from Zwinky.

    • @/Epidemics
      That's my Dr.: 9

    • I know you from fr.... you designed some Dragon characters for my contest in May.. ;;

    • Oh, I love fauns as well. All of the in between, really! hey aren't that much different than a satyr to be fair, so I think you know plenty. uvu

    • I actually got it from my love of satyrs, yep! uvu

    • gyah! Shoulda predicted that--I should play it off shfuahg

    • snickersnOODLES hitting anon all the time is hard!
      shhh sorry for the breaking of an act ;v;

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