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Username: Donburi
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:09 pm

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d4oVV3q.pngby alxq

Hey i've been kind of on a hiatus sorry
if i need to finish something for you please let me know, i might have forgotten

hey I'm donburi and Help how do I code

I Need Fur Dollas Bad

hey here's a cute pixel from MonsterFluff

logo thing at the top by Oni
css based on @cro but heavily edited
current icon by 3l

I've recently bought my dream home from cutiefox14
Not quite trash enough for a trash can. Recycle bin is the place for me

reminder: ping koro-san for art shop

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    • (just answering that question on Cipherdex's page!)
      He was actually human. But during his intensive and straight up obsessive studies in alchemy, he has "unraveled himself" in his mad pursual in knowledge. Now it's really questionable on whether he is even human, or anything "we" know anymore.
      But in general, he often appears as a floating triangle, eye, un unsettling/geometric deer head, or similar to his old (unusable for copywrite issues) Paintie. Unintentionally looming. The dork.

    • Omg I adore your bird-filled profile

    • No worries :) It was the feet that originally drew me to them too, my mum used to make jokes about me having big feet when I was a kid so it seemed like a cute choice for a sona.

    • Ha! Now you point it out it does look a little like that :P Maybe that's why they have the hoodie, they get self concious. They're an African Jacana! And thank you for the compliment, Leechid did such an awesome job with it!

    • Hey! If you want some help with coding, check out @cro 's premade CSS codes and I can help you with fixing them a little!

    • Oh! That's my bad, they're not links. They're on an image for formatting reasons~
      I should really make some clickable ones.

    • Thank you. ^_^

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