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User ID: #7061
Username: Donburi
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:09 pm

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d4oVV3q.pngby alxq

Hey i've been kind of on a hiatus sorry
if i need to finish something for you please let me know, i might have forgotten

hey I'm donburi and Help how do I code

I Need Fur Dollas Bad

hey here's a cute pixel from MonsterFluff

logo thing at the top by Oni
css based on @cro but heavily edited
current icon by 3l

I've recently bought my dream home from cutiefox14
Not quite trash enough for a trash can. Recycle bin is the place for me

reminder: ping koro-san for art shop

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    • Thank you for replacing my smashed lantern! (:

    • Thanks for the jack o lanterns!!

    • It really depends !! I haven't been super active here lately and will probably be pretty busy come the holidays so I'm not honestly sure, if I do I'll give you a ping?

    • how do the art so good ugh amaze

  • Comment has been hidden

    • ah, you're such a good artist, and a big inspiration for me! I just wanted to thank you ^^

    • Ohh thank you! I like having a sort of rainbow effect with things arranged by color c:

    • omg.. I just now saw your profile comments. For some reason I never got the pings?! I'm so sorry!
      To answer your question, well I came up with the username back in high school several years ago. I took inspiration from the lifestyle I live as well as one of my favourite movies, Pleasantville :)

    • Thank you so much! ^w^

    • under that bird with legs pic, the credits for the pixel have a random [/color]

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