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User ID: #71294
Username: ScarletNekolita
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Jan 2021, 6:07 pm
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:46 pm

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Salutations everyone!

Cindy Ruby, She/Her/Babe, Latina, Pansexual

You can call me Scarlet! I'm a 23 year old southern belle who's been a furry since middle school with the same fursona ever since I was little. I'm a sucker for cheesy romance, cutesy things and almost every cartoon in existence. I'm more of a hobbyist when it comes to art and I'm currently studying to be a Language Arts teacher!

I have the bad habit of calling everyone by terms of endearment (sweetie, honey, etc.) I hope that doesn't bother you too much!

You can find me elsewhere online by the name CindyRubyCutie uvu

( Linktr.ee/CindyRubyCutie )

Hope we get along well! :3

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    • okay okay okay i gotta scream about something and you're the only other TWEWY fan i know on this site
      it's only on the switch but finally some new-ish content

    • Well well well well well there's a familiar face in my recommendeds

    • I totally understand ^^; it can be far too easy to slip into a state of self-doubt and anxiety. I'm glad to be able to help though!

    • It's also not stupid to feel worked up over stuff like this. It's a large part of your life, growing up, and who you are--who wouldn't be upset over something that monumental? Your emotions are entirely valid here, and aren't stupid or bad! Others are probably wording it better, so I won't keep posting here aehfukshe
      Hope you feel better soon though!

    • Dude! I don't think you need to change your fursona at all--it's what makes you feel the best! I mean, there's no need to feel stupid either, because these are strangers on the internet, and they really have no right to judge what's best for /you/. Sentimentality is a really fickle thing for everyone, and as it's such a personal thing, of course it's going to feel silly at times! But there's nothing wrong with that! Everyone has "weird" things they love, or "childish" things they get attached to, but who cares! It makes them happy and gives them a place to feel safe and warm and fuzzy! Love's to be cherished, not made fun of! And if you're still riled with doubts, maybe go to see if your fursona would be the type to dye her hair or parts of her fur for different seasons, just as an "experimental" type of deal. There's no harm in that I think? And if it doesn't work out and she/you feel just fine with where she was, then you can go back to that!

    • NiGHTS is really cool and i only recently got the chance to play it because of it being released on Steam lol.

      but yes Joshua lovers unite. also i love how he likes Lapin Anqelique? get you a man who can do both Dragon Couture and Lapin Angelique.

    • Sorry, internet crashes and lost it for a few hours. I am sendin 'em now

    • Yup, I'm looking into your toybox rn and I'll post directly on your thread once I know what I'll offer ^^

    • I figured as much. I'll go ahead and resend the trade when I get the chance later today.

    • I can do that, or if you'd be able to do three different sets of full packages I could do that as well. If not I can go ahead and cancel / resend. :3

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