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User ID: #781
Username: meggie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 May 2021, 10:30 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

Villagers 15

Comments 50

    • I sent you another message about Peaches and I figure the answer is still the same, but I just wondered what you thought of the offers in case there was a chance

    • it's cool, thank you!

    • hey could you accept our trade from a month ago please? x'D

    • ahh thank you! :3
      I really like cheese and cheese pizzas hehe
      (wow you have so many fairies, I'm jealous!)

    • Ah ok! Thank you so much!

    • hey i'm new and i was wondering.. how do i create a new villager QwQ

    • Congrats on becoming a helper ! <3

    • Just wanted to say that I'd trade both of my donut wickers Raspberry Rave and Sundae Soiree for Peaches if you wanted

    • Alright, I understand! I'd be willing to pay up to 2k FD for her if you ever wanted to

    • Hello! Sorry to bother you, but would you consider buying me a gill lotion recipe? :) I'll tip!

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