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Villager: Starbug



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ID: #272714

Name: Starbug

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Breezeyheart

Feast Points: 0 (10495 All-Time)

Species: Cat

Color: Snowshoe


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/250)

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Starbug is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Starbug looks stunning!

Starbug's very special treasures!


Note: He tends to reply in character. If I'm replying out of character, I tend to put a parenthesis and OOC: before my comment and then another parenthesis at the end of my comment but sometimes I can forget to do so.

He has a toyhou.se where you can see all of his art! More info about him is also included there.

Name: Starbug.

Nicknames: Starbuggy, Bugthug and StarThug. The first was a loving misspelling by his owner and the other two are from his owner's parents as they like to joke that he stole their 'hearts' with his loving gaze.

Name Meaning: Starbug is the name of the exploratory ship on the show Red Dwarf that first aired on 1988 to 1999 on the tv channel; BBC Two. The series has a current reboot called Red Dwarf XII which is being aired on the digital TV channel; Dave.

Health status: Deceased as of December 15th, due to his mass in his mouth and an secondary infection caused by it.♡❤♡❤ He's now my guardian angel cat watching me from heaven.❤ Due to his passing, from now on, any art that is ordered or commissioned will be of him with white heart shaped angel (aka feathery bird like) wings and a golden halo. He will get a fresh paintie as soon as I can afford it.

Age: 18 years and 8 months old (human years)
91 cat years and 2 cat months old. (source) (But he was and always be a kitten at heart)

Gender: Male.

Species: Angel Cat, specifically a Snowshoe Siamese. (Can be drawn anthro or feral)

Personality: Starbug is a sweet, kind, caring and loving being, he cares deeply about his owner; Brionna, her parents; Heather and Brian as well as his friends and extended family members. He's very empathetic and often can sense if someone close to him is very sad or scared and will try to cheer them up in anyway that he can. Playful and loyal, he enjoys playing with others like his friends and fellow feline family members, but he especially loves playing with his owner, Bri.

Trustworthy, helpful, honest and protective, he won't let you down if you need his help. He tends to be honest and vocal about his opinons, often refusing let any strangers tell him what that he should believe in or he should what to do as he has his own moral code and his own view of the world. His human, Bri is the exception as he adores her and therefore he shares in her beliefs.

Sexuality: Pansexual Demiromantic.

Crush: N/A

Mate: N/A

Kittens: Genetically none but has been fosterdad to many.

Relationships ~

Friends (he considers them family):
  • His human owner; Brionna (aka me)
  • His owner's parents; Heather and Brian (in other words; his human family),
  • Squeakie II,
  • Lady Amalthea,
  • Guinevere,
  • Lady Godiva,
  • Ivan,
  • Aristotle,
  • Sebastian,
  • Delilah,
  • Smokie,
  • Castiel (Cass) and
  • Calypso (Callie).
  • But he's a overall friendly cat and often makes friends with new creatures a lot on his exploratory expeditions (aka: his exploring adventures via roleplay)

Enemies: Anyone who means to do harm to his friends and family.
Bullies in general
Anyone or any creature who are arrogant and rude so they think that they are above the rules and don't have to be kind or polite.
Poachers or hunters who overhunt the animals of the forest.
Most spiders (mainly the venomous ones), cockroaches, centipedes and scorpions. (If any of those happen to be kind and anthromorphic in nature; they are fine by him!)
Venomous snakes (he only likes the non-venomous ones like cornsnakes cause his human likes them. However if he were to meet a kind anthromorphic venomous snake, he would gladly try to befriend them!)

  • His human owner; Brionna!
  • His owner's parents; Heather (especially her because her lap is so comfy to sleep on) and Brian.
  • Lying on and taking naps on Heather's lap or laying on a windowsill/the carpet in a warm sunbeam.
  • Cute fluffy fuzzy kittens and baby animals in general.♡
  • Eating. Sleeping, naps and catnaps,
  • Playing with his human by either bapping at a toy that is hanging from string or grooming a stuffed plush animal (because his human was playing with it, within reach of his grasp.)
  • Chasing the red dot/laser pointer.
  • Sitting the window to watch the world go by aka watching cars, birds and people as they go by the window.
  • And oh did I mention kittens? He adores kittens almost as much as his human!
  • Listening to music.
  • Astronomy & astrology 'cause his human likes it.
  • Nature and wildlife.
  • Exploring new places both by himself and with his friends.
  • Drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, singing + more!
  • Watching horror (especially ones about zombies!), comedy, action/adventure and animated flims with his human family.
  • (When he was alive) Living in the countryside with lots of trees and warm sunlight/sun beams.
  • (Now after he became an angel) Living in Myst Grove with his friends!

Naturally he misses his humans and adoptive family of cat friends who live back on Earth. However because Myst Grove is a magical forest realm on exists on a different plane of existence, it has portals to and from other worlds and realms and so; he can visit his family on Earth whenever he likes. Of course, his humans can't see him for the most part unless it's midnight aka the witching hour but they can always feel his presence there.

  • Anyone who harms or attempts to hurt his family and friends.
  • Bullies, animals or humans who are arrogant & rude to others as they can think that they are above the rules.
  • Towns & big cities due to the smog (as he much prefers the countryside)
  • Animal and human abuse; both physical and emotional/mental.
  • Pollution & littering.
  • Deforestation.
  • Poachers & hunters who overhunt the animals of the forest.
  • Death (i.e if he had died without being able to say goodbye to his human, his Bri or her parents)
  • Him or his friends getting badly hurt.
  • Most spiders, (mainly the venomous ones) cockroaches, centipedes & scorpions.
  • Venomous snakes (only likes the non-venomous ones like cornsnakes cause his human likes them)

Art Credits: Anthro paintie made by stormbringer15 (*currently equipped)
His only paintie was a custom paintie raffle prize from the prize pool of a staff member appreciation raffle that was managed by Watersnake and ran by Dinoval . Thank you again so much Dinoval , stormbringer15 and Watersnake )

Future plans (notes for myself):
  • (Top Priority!) Looking to commission a paintie of him with white feathery heart shaped angel wings and a golden halo since he is now deceased.
  • Mostly saving up my spare FC to buy at least three wardrobe slots for his painties so I can change his villager's species to Shiftie so I can upload most any art of him as a paintie if I want. Therefore making ordering a new paintie of him with his white wings and golden halo easier.
  • I'm going to order more painties of him and if possible, I shall make some of them myself.♡ However I probably won't be getting any new painties soon, due to my current money status as I'm broke.
  • Might get a Magic Elite Heart Gem for him? Only because I love the idea of a Dragon Cat Chibi paintie of him.^~^


Comments 40

    • starbug looks like one cool cat too!! nyam nyam nyam!! (sorry for the late reply!! ^_^)

    • Thank you so much for both comments! They are a great couple for each other but are also both trouble makers for anyone else xD

    • ( Thank you! I don't engage much in RP content and when I do it's an occasional comment in a character's tone... That being said, though, I think it would be very cute for Fern to be friends with your crow! )

    • Thank you! <33

    • (Thank you :) Starbug looks like he was a beautiful cat too. I've got three cats now, Rose, Shiro and Amara, but I still miss Kimi)

    • (Awe! Thank you so much, Jitterbug is adorable as well! And yeah, Chi is always open to making new friends! <33)

    • Sure! Rudy loves making friends. <3

    • (Of course, he would love to! Sora is indeed small and fuzzy hehehe)
      Sora gets off of the ground and dusts himself off as someone approaches. He was searching through the dirt for something, but it didn't seem to be too important. His expression turns from interest to comfortable happiness as Starbug offers a picnic. "I can always use a snack break." He chuckles before moving smoothly to stand by Starbug's side, facing the direction of the meadow. "I'm Sora by the way! Nice to meet you."

    • Ahhh thank you! Im happy others like him as much as I do ^w^

    • Thank you so much! ^^
      Ura (the beast) is actually the manifestation of her negativity (anger, fear, etc.) Their bark is actually worse than their bite, but still best be on guard

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