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Villager: Rav



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ID: #75586

Name: Rav

Gender: Genderless

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 6 years, 20 hours ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: A_Banana

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Pink


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 7 Jul 2016, 1:43 pm

Likes: 415 ♥

Tags: monster wickerbeast eyes beast rav a_banana

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You approach a small, rickety wooden shack just outside the village nearby. You hope that blind gryphon knew what he was talking about as you wearily step onto the worn porch steps, which groan under your footfalls. Before you appears to be a home vivid in decor: dream catchers dangle from the awning above, spiders in jars sit on the sills, and strung bones, beads, and teeth are arranged to hang over the doorframe as a makeshift curtain. A smokey voice lures you inside, "Ah... come in come in... so hesitant in your steps! You would not come this far only to walk away, so come in and take a seat..." You slowly part the beads and enter the decrepit shack.

With a flash of firelight your eyes try to adjust, the inside structure clearing to reveal a rather curious sight. A small pillow bed to the side, a kitchen with a service window in the back, and a pillowed table to the right of it. Above, small crystals hung from strings in the ceiling like glimmering stars. However, an unpleasant smell breaks your focus, forcing you to scrunch your nose. "Let me guess..." coos the lively voice from within the kitchen, "Monster Madness? I specialize in that- you see, it was the first thing I caught moving to DragonsMaw! Ah-hah-haaa~!" You're unsure what to say, pausing to gather your thoughts before a massive half-furred beast emerges from the ramshackle kitchen, rattling the small shack and startling some bats from the tree outside. "Well, lucky you hm? I happen to have one already made..." The creature's jagged maw seemed to crack, revealing a smile full of sharp, serrated teeth.

"Here, the instructions are on the back, yes..." Gently, he hands you a square bottle filled with a rich purple, shimmering liquid, reaching a taloned hand out as if expecting something. "Well? I require compensation for my services... I do have to live. And.. I hope you don't plan on running like the last one..." He looms over you, his many eyes seeming to glow in the low light, a fearsome grin curling across his face before finishing his sentence, "But if you must... I still have some room for dessert."
"I'm a doctor. It's my job to gawk at misfortune."


-Paintie artwork lovingly crafted by me/A_Banana-

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    • thanks for the comment on honeymoon! i dig this paintie of yours.

    • Thank you. <3
      Loving Rav and it's design too!

    • Thanks! This guy is awesome :>

    • thank you! this guy is so spoopy oh man

    • Thank you!! ^w^ Your wickerbeast is seriously cool omg???

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