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Change Log

  • An additional fix for villagers not being filtered has been applied. Good job, Xyumika!


  • The Electrify spell now applies Electrify after checking if it should deal damage. This will be most noticeable in the Abyss.

  • Amethystine Lance, Gold Lance, Silver Lance, Lance (Imaginary), Rusted Lance and Sturdy Lance now will always stun your opponent for 2 rounds if they're blocking; this will not remove the block effect itself.

    Rusted Lance:
    Now deals 90 - 110 damage.

    Imaginary Lance:
    Now deals 420 - 480 damage.

    Sturdy Lance:
    Now deals 140 - 190 damage.

    Silver Lance:
    Damage modifier increased by 20% on all tiers.

    Golden Lance:
    Damage modifier increased by 20% on all tiers.

    Please note the stun effect may be temporary but is currently available for testing/feedback.

  • Iron Zweihander now has 210 - 260 damage, up from 185 - 240.
    Steel Zweihander now has 270 - 320 damage, up from 210 - 275.
    Haunted Zweihander now deals 270 - 320 damage, up from 270 - 310.

    Fireball now deals 150 - 190 damage, up from 120 - 150.
    Frostbolt now deals 140 - 180 damage, up from 130 - 160.
    Fusion Bolt now deals 50 - 70 damage in all elements, up from 45 - 50.
    Jolt now deals 40 - 260 damage, up from 1 - 260.

  • Correction!

    Steel Hammer:
    - Now has a 50% chance to purge effects, up from 30%.

  • All Amethystine Steel recipes require ~20% less materials to craft.


    Hammer Updates:

    Amethystine Hammer:
    - Now has a 50% chance to purge effects, up from 45%.
    Steel Hammer:
    - Now has a 30% chance to purge effects, up from 30%.

    The following items now have the above effect:
    Broken Hammer
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer
    War Hammer
    Emma's Iron Hammer
    Wooden Hammer
    Vali's Golden Hammer

    The following effects have been removed:
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer - No longer has a 5% chance to sunder armour.
    Iron Hammer - No longer has a 3% chance to sunder armour.
    Steel Hammer - No longer has a 15% chance to sunder armour.

    Mace Updates:

    Amethystine Mace:
    Now only sunders for 40% for 3 rounds, down from 60% for 6 rounds; it still applies Battle Cry & Fortify.

    Other Maces (Iron, Steel, Light, Rusted) no longer have a small chance to disarm, and have their sunder effect increased to 3 rounds instead of 2.

    Axe Updates:

    Amethystine Axe, Iron Axe & Steel Axe no longer have a small chance to apply bleed effects.

    Great Hammer Updates:

    Iron Great Hammers no longer have a small chance to disarm.
    Steel Great Hammers no longer have a small chance to sunder.
    Amethystine Great Hammer now correctly triggers "Smash" on Durable opponents.

    Great Sword Updates:

    All great swords no longer have a small chance to cause bleeding.

    Lances remain unmodified.

    Scythe Updates:

    Scythes no longer have a chance to cause bleeding.

    Critical Strike now applies to all scythes, excluding Rowan's Dark Scythe & Wooden Scythe.

    Critical Strike now deals 320 pure damage instead of 170 physical damage.



    Bleeding: Now deals 40 damage per tick, up from 20.
    Combat Finesse - Sunder Armour: Now reduces armour by 75%, up from 60%.
    Burning: Now deals 60 base damage per tick, up from 30.
    Chill: Now reduces dodge chance by 1000%, up from 200%.
    Electrify: Now increases damage taken by 15%, up from 10%.
    Pollute: Now deals 475 damage, up from 325.



    Basic Weapons:

    Barnacle Sword: Now deals 80 - 110 damage, plus 20 - 30 frost damage, up from 55-80/5-10.
    Fang Club: Now deals 120-140 damage, up from 80-80.
    Dragon Claw Dagger: Now deals 75-150 Lightning damage, up from 1 - 150. Now always causes bleeding.
    Wooden Sword: Now deals 90 - 130 damage, up from 70 - 70; it no longer deals reduced damage to heavy armour.
    Icy Sword: Now deals 100 - 150 frost damage, up from 80 - 110.

    Lower Tier Weapons:

    Rusted Mace: Now deals 140 - 190 damage.
    Wooden Axe: Now deals 115 - 170 damage.
    Wooden Greathammer: Now deals 140 - 220 damage.
    Wooden Hammer: Now deals 140 - 140 damage.
    Wooden Scythe: Now deals 120 - 160 damage.

    Iron Tier Weapons:

    Iron Axe: Now deals 140 - 220 damage.
    Iron Greathammer: Now deals 240 - 310 damage.
    Iron Greatsword: Now deals 190 - 240 damage.
    Iron Hammer: Now deals 140 - 190 damage.
    Iron Mace: Now deals 150 - 220 damage.
    Iron Scythe: Now deals 160 - 210 damage.

    Steel Tier Weapons:

    Mace, Axe, GS, Hammer

    Steel Axe: Now deals 190 - 260 damage.*
    Steel Greathammer: Unchanged.
    Steel Greatsword: Now deals 310 - 340 damage.*
    Steel Hammer: Now deals 200 - 240 damage.*
    Steel Mace: Unchanged.

    Animal Blades:

    Wolf Blade: Now deals 240 - 280 physical damage, plus 190 - 280 frost damage.
    Tiger Blade: Now deals 310 - 410 physical damage.
    Dragon Blade: Now deals 200 - 300 physical damage, plus 240 - 360 fire damage.
    Horse Blade: Now deals 190 - 320 physical damage, plus 270 - 340 dark damage.
    Fox Blade: Now deals 150 - 450 physical damage, plus 50 - 500 lightning damage.


    Fiery Axe: Now deals 170 - 220 physical damage, plus 210 - 300 fire damage; now always causes burning.
    Light Mace: Now deals 270 - 310 physical damage.

    Legacy Crafted Weapons, Lower Tier:

    Steel Sword: Now deals 200 - 200 damage.
    Monster Tooth Knife: Now deals 170 - 230 dark damage.
    Coral Sword: Now deals 175 - 225 damage.
    Tusk Sword: Now deals 110 - 190 physical damage, plus 110 - 190 frost damage.
    Dragon Claw Knife: Now deals 110 - 190 physical damage, plus 110 - 190 lightning damage.

    Legacy Crafted Weapons, High Tier:

    Narwhal Spear: Now deals 170 - 220 damage.
    Dragon Spike Flail: Now deals 210 - 290 damage.
    Dragon Tail Sword: Now deals 120 - 170 physical damage, plus 110 - 140 fire damage.
    Elaborate Sword: Now deals 220 - 240 damage.
    Monster Claw Axe: Now deals 120 - 240 damage, plus 180 - 230 dark damage.
    Mammoth Tooth Hammer: Now deals 180 - 310 damage.


    These changes should make older weapons more viable against limited availability weapons, while making low-level warrior play significantly easier as well.

    The consistency updates should help new players correctly identify the purpose of a weapon without it arbitrarily changing if they decide to go for an improved version of that item.

    In all instances, crafted weapons should be slightly better than dropped weapons, provided weapons of those tiers exist.

  • Talenti's Tome of Treacherous Torment was scared the snow would ruin its pages and moved to a new place in the Stone Pathway exploration event in TEP.


  • The Gala-Bound Chimera Plushie has decided it didn't like the Old Caves battlefield and moved to the Serpent's Head battlefield.


  • Chimera plushies can now be found in the Old Caves battlefield.

  • The Donate all Candy button in inventories has been removed, and the Donate all Candy button on the Food Drive page now asks you to confirm before taking your candy. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, then you will not get the confirmation popup.

  • Spell Siphon has been reworked:

    It now activates every turn, but causes you to be permanently disarmed.

    Ring of Curses: Guile now provides raw stats with no effect:
    +30 Speed
    +15 Endurance
    -10 Strength
    -10 Agility
    -10 Intelligence

  • When attacking with the Werebeast Gauntlet, Lycanthropy now lasts 3 rounds instead of lasting until the end of the battle.

    Spell Siphon has been disabled due to exploitable bugs with the effect. The amulet will be likely be completely redesigned in the days to come.

  • Terl's Tusk Sword now counts as a ranged weapon.

  • Due to the limited variety & number of uses ranged weaponry has, the zombie-slayer effect now deals 3000 pure damage, up from 1000.

  • In other non-festival news, some earth magic spells have been reworked! Their damage was moved from an effect, back to the spell itself. This allows them to scale with the items percentage again!
    The items currently effected by this change are:
    -Thatcher's Amulet
    -Earth Bolt
    -Spell Book of Earth

    It seems that the lightning bolt icon was scared off by all of the spookiness of the festival! If any effects seem to suddenly be missing in battle, let us know! Some of them have been restored, but others may still be missing!

    Zombies > Werewolves & Vampires


  • The event shop should no longer take your points when you have a full inventory. Please do file a report if you experience any issues!

  • The shop is being temporarily shut down to investigate a bug. Thank you for your patience!

  • What's this? It's Halloween you say? It seems the Villages got spookified!

  • The price of expanding your Gallery now maxes at 50,000 fc!

  • Spectral Crystals are roughly twice as likely to drop.

  • The "Magical Ring of Testing" has been updated to "Ring of Defeat", which is now listed in the recycle shop for 5000 FurGems.

  • Kyla's Trinket now has a specified max damage, and can be dodged as intended.

  • The yield ranges for the Bat battle buddy & werebeast gauntlet have increased significantly.

  • The Carnival's candy items are now included in the Donate all Candy button. Please note it will take last year's candy, as well as now the following items:
    - Boomallows
    - Caramel Apple
    - Carnival Candy Gummi Wickerbeast
    - Dark Side of the Blood Moon Pie
    - Gilded Apple
    - Grumpkin Candies
    - Slime Bites

    The button will be reactivated at 5:00am to give users a chance to read this beforehand.

  • The Donate all Candy buttons will temporarily redirect you to the Town Hall as we do a few checks to make sure the new candies will be taken properly. Thank you for your patience!

  • The Hard NPCs appear more often, and the crystals are now a universal drop from the battleground - though they'll drop more often (and possibly twice) from the trio.

    In addition, three plushies are now available from exploration events for zombies/werewolves/vampires.

  • The "Hard" difficulty NPCs have wandered into the Dark Woods, taking a few crystals with them.

  • All curse-reliant drops have increased in yields by ~1.5

    (Note: You cannot get half an item).

    Werewolves > Zombies & Vampires

    This has been fixed and is now working as intended.

  • Rotten Wiley now has drastically reduced mitigation, and now always spawns with 120 endurance instead of 120 - 180.

  • You are slightly more likely to receive the Werebeast Gauntlet & Vampire Bat Battle Buddy from the cauldron.

  • A few small bugfixes and changes for you all in regards to the event!
    - You should no longer be able to send non-working explorers and warriors into the forests and caves.
    - You should no longer lose your forest explore credit if you had no inventory space.
    - You should no longer be able to send a warrior into the caves when they have no weapons to attack with.
    - The button to continue a battle now displays before the alert to equip a weapon on the warrior career page, so in the event you encountered the above bug, you can easily resolve it yourself and free your warrior.
    - The wheel should now give proper errors rather than "undefined".
    - The event cauldron now accurately records duplicate items in your input. The log has received a slight display change as well.
    - Collecting from the cauldron should no longer change the Started At timestamp to match the Collected At timestamp.
    - Running out of inventory space when collecting your items from the event cauldron should no longer result in the items being lost to the void.

    Oh, one more bugfix:
    - Vampires > Werewolves & Zombies.

  • You now have a small chance to receive a golden apple from the regular exploration event that typically yields reagents & candy.

    Werewolves > Zombies & Vampires.

  • Vampire now has a 40% chance to heal 300 health every turn.

    The "On attack" trigger was causing other healing effects to no longer function. We're not sure why, but this change restores that functionality.

  • Made a few little changes to Aldergash!

    Agility is now 10-15, down from 15-20.
    Strength is now 32-42, up from 30-40
    Unnatural Regeneration is now 700 health healed, down from 1000 health healed.

    This should make her a little more manageable to beat, while still dealing almost the same damage to users.


  • When creating the toolbelt recipe, you'll now receive all 3 items instead of one randomly.
    --> These items now recycle for less, and are uncommon instead of rare.
    --> The recipe now costs 1500 FC instead of 500.

    Panacea Toolbelt - Now provides 8 Endurance
    Enhanced - Now provides 14 endurance, up from 10.
    Dynamite Toolbelt - No longer causes self-damage.
    Enhanced - Now provides 4 speed and endurance, up from 1.

  • Various changes and bugfixes have been implemented over the past few days!

    Villager images should now properly be filtered in places like search, comments, and warrior combat.
    The online user counter now accurately includes invisible users. Invisible users still do not display in the online user list itself, as is intended.
    Seeds that cannot be mastered should no longer require mastery for the herbalist achievements.
    Herbalists can now be set as a worker directly from their career page.
    The Feast pages now include a link directly to your prize log, as well as unclaimed prizes sort to the top for convenience.
    Donating to the Food Drive now avoids displaying expired food in the selection menu.
    Using Hallowed Potions on minipets should no longer result in a sterile minipet.
    You should no longer receive a redirection error when using the More/Less Villagers button in the sidebar while on your User Settings page.
    Custom Vistas can no longer have special characters in the name as this resulted in issues with editing the item later on.
    The Chat link in the navbar now connects you to the Official Furvilla Chat on Discord.

    Oh, what's this? I sense a new presence... on the Town Hall page.

  • Few more little changes to warrior equipment!

    -Updated Kyla's first claw attack to display its damage after use.

    -Updated Abel's folly to no longer include 50% damage mitigation in its status effect. Instead it receives 50% damage mitigation through 3 additional status effects (one for 10%, a second for 15%, and a third for 25%).
    -Updated Viking fox battle buddy to no longer includes 5% damage mitigation in its status effect. Instead it applies a second status that adds 5% damage mitigation.

    The reason for the damage mitigation changes is to future proof damage mitigation from stacking up to high with equipment released later on. This should let us be more flexible with adding damage mitigation to equipment, as they do not stack with each other. We may do the same to some damage bonus status for the same reason.


  • Ancient Storm Dragons now appear 5% less often, with the NPCs appearing that much more often. In addition, they now always drop 2 Fizzle Fluff (was previously one and a half on average).

  • The downtime has completed! Some various changes will be made today, so you may find some pages will error out on you for a time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • The site will be going offline in just about an hour for today's scheduled maintenance. The downtime is expected to last about an hour!

  • Pirate Fox Battle Buddy's attacks now correctly state who it's hitting and who they belong to.


  • Some changes to warrior stuff!

    -Updated Shock to correctly state the caster.

    The following staff attacks have been renamed:
    -Dark staff is now Dark bolt
    -Flame staff is now Fiery bolt
    -Frost staff is now Frost bolt
    -Lightning staff is now Lightning bolt

    If anyone sees any other skills or spells that seem to state targets or users wrong. Please feel free to message me, Mod-Tempest, about them!

  • Frost Staff now deals ~60 more base damage.

  • Esper no longer uses Resolve, Fatal Flurry or Fortune, and now has 25 agility instead of 100.

  • Traveler's Amulet now passively provides +1 to all stats. This may be reverted once its functionality is more fully revised.

  • Sparkly Spectrum Potion Recipe has been added to the valour shop.

  • The winning vistas from the Oceans Ahoy Vista Contest have been added to the Recycler for 250 Fur Gems each!


  • Event battlegrounds will remain available until Oct 1st.

  • Regenerate now heals for 75 per tick instead of 50 (excludes Flowering Regeneration).

  • Hidden Earth Amulet is now available from the tournament shop for 3,500 valour points.

    Deadly Monsters now drops salt 20% of the time, and monster meat 10% of the time.