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Change Log

  • Appetizers are now worth 7 points, down from 300.

  • Pretty Poodle has been dealt with. You may now talk about soup freely.

  • Pretty Poodle has escaped. Please bear with us while we contain them.

  • Update! To collect the rocks, you need to experiment with the Serpent's Pot. They were added randomly with 4 point ranges below 700 (using a random number generator). You may need to do some trading and a bit of patience to collect them all!

  • The Aquarius Zodiac Plushie Alternative Recipe is now available in the recycle shop.

  • You can now find the Alchemist Pal item in the 200-300 alchemy point range.

  • You can now find the following:

    Iron Tower Shield - Wandering Monsters II
    Steel Tower Shield - Wandering Monsters III
    Silver Tower Shield - Wandering Monsters IV
    Gold Tower Shield - Deadly Monsters & Deadlier Monsters.

    Crying Feather Dagger - Can now be found in Olde Foxbury's Castle. It also very rarely drops from mimics.

    Zeboran Ray Gun - Can now be found during the tarot card event when denying fate.

  • Ancient Pyres are now less likely to cheat in combat.

  • Steel Hammers are now roughly 30% easier to craft.

  • Super Rare materials released with the warrior update have had their alchemy scores increased significantly.

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Super Rare warrior materials have had their alchemy values reduced by about 30% - they should no longer consistently reach the SR tier.

  • Quick Update: The drop rates are now 1% x4 the number of charges spent. (1 charge = 4%, 2 = 8%, 3 = 12%, 5 = 20%).

  • You can now find Bashful Blossoms in wandering monster battlegrounds (including the deadly/deadlier versions). The drop rate is 1% multiplied by the number of charges required for that battleground. Mimics always drop 2.

    You can buy the recipes in the recycle shop. You cannot get the amulet just yet (it's found in an exploration event which will be live later).

  • Laucene now has -100 mitigation, and -10 endurance.

    Laura now has -20 endurance.

    Leon now has -50 endurance.

    Link now has 0 mitigation.

    Midnight Frost now has -10 endurance, and 200 - 300 mitigation instead of 3000 - 3500.

    The NPCs have decided to hang around and go easy on you guys for a couple more days.

    They'll be taking a break on the 20th.

  • The Jet Ring now passively increases your dodge chance by 25% (of its base value) & no longer has any other associated stats or abilities.

  • Typo:

    Hale's ring no longer has an activated ability or any negative resistances.
    - It now passively increases damage *dealt* and received by 25% at all times.

  • Fire Signet ring has a new ability:

    It now deals fire damage and increases your fire resistance, while decreasing your opponents.

    Lightning Signet ring now has a new ability:

    It now deals randomised lightning damage, and prevents your opponent from dodging for 2 rounds.

    Dark Signet Ring now has a new ability:

    Deals large dark damage to your opponent, and poisons them.

    Each of the following effects has a 25% chance to be applied on yourself:
    Sunder Armor, Silenced, Disarm, Bleeding, Electrified, Chilled, Burning.

    The ring now provides +2 intelligence, +2 speed and -2 endurance, instead of +2 endurance.

    The Frost Signet Ring no longer provides an activated ability, instead:
    It increases endurance by 10, frost resistance by 200, and physical mitigation by 25% in combat.
    It now reduces other core stats by 4.
    It now also applies the "Durable" buff on your character, which will interact with other abilities.
    - It now requires level 12.

    The Legend's Armour now also applies the "Durable" buff.

    Jet Ring's Swiftness ability now only lasts 3 rounds, instead of until end of combat.
    - It now provides 2 agility instead of 1.

    Light Crystal now passively heals you for 75 each round, scaling with intelligence.
    It previously healed for 100 (unaffected by intelligence) on-hit.

    The Dark Scythe now only heals for 60% of damage dealt, instead of 100%.
    - It now applies the "Vampire" buff on your character, which will interact with other abilities.

    Hale's ring no longer has an activated ability or any negative resistances.
    - It now passively increases damage taken and received by 25% at all times.

    Aeron's Folly self-damage now always triggers, instead of 60% of the time.

    Alure's flame no longer provides bonus intelligence or modifies defensive stats. It now provides 6 speed instead of 1.
    - It now provides +7 intelligence passively in combat. This effect does not stack.

    All Great Hammer weapons now deal 20% more damage to heavy armour.
    - In addition, they now deal 400 extra pure damage to any enemy with the "Durable" effect.

    All weapons with "Wooden" in the name now deal 1200 bonus pure damage to any target with the "Vampire" effect.

    The Vampiric Blessing amulet now also applies the Vampire property.

  • You can now find Card-Sharp's deck 33% of the time when interacting with the door at DMM's hovel, up from 6%.

  • You have a 7.5% chance to find King Etienne Plushie when dashing across the bridge in Olde Foxbury's castle event.

  • Linda & Lowk have had their agility (but not endurance) halved as well.

    Bessie, The Spinerat, has had her agility & endurance doubled to compensate (They're now 400 - 400 & 560000 - 640000 respectively).

  • All Frost Ring opponents have had their agility and endurance halved.

  • Laucene now has -100 - -50 fire resistance.
    Laura now has -300 - -200 fire resistance.
    Leon now has 100 - 200 mitigation instead of 500 - 700. His armour type is now medium.
    Link now has -100 - -50 fire resistance; he now has 60 - 90 endurance instead of 70 - 110.
    His speed is now 1 - 1 instead of 18 - 32.

  • Laucene now has 250 - 400 physical mitigation instead of 400 - 700.
    - They now have 60 - 90 endurance instead of 81 - 104.
    - They now have 14 - 20 Intelligence instead of 14 - 27
    - They now have 20 - 30 Strength instead of 25 - 41.

    Laura now casts each of her spells twice before moving on to a more powerful version.
    - They now have 100 - 150 Endurance instead of 100 - 200.

    Leon now has 500 - 700 mitigation instead of 700 - 1200.
    - They now have no lightning or dark resistance.

    Link now has 200 - 300 mitigation instead of 400 - 700.

    Midnight Frost now has -500 - -250 fire resistance instead of -100 - 0.

    Hidden Berserk now only increases damage dealt by 50% for its duration, but no longer increases damage taken.

  • Experimental Change:

    Hale's Ring now cleanses the user before applying its effect.

  • Flame Heart Elemental Drax now also drops in the Frost Rings, for some reason.

  • The Steel Greatsword has changed again:

    It now deals 240 - 270 base damage. However, it now deals considerably more damage to medium and heavy armour, but less damage to light armour.

  • Steel Greatsword now deals 360 - 470 damage with a 33% chance to cause bleeding, instead of 180 - 190 damage & a 10% chance.

    Just a quick change before I vanish for the night - if you have the means to do so, please let me know if this makes physical damage more reliable in high-level battlegrounds!

    - Please note this change may be reverted soon.

  • Frost Elemental Drax has been added to the loot tables for the Frost Ring battleground.

  • Enhanced Dynamite now has the correct ability assigned to it.

  • Midnight Frost no longer casts Freeze or Stasis due to bugs.

    Instead, she casts Fortify and Improved Healing Potion.

  • Please PM me directly if you notice anything strange with buff icons in battlegrounds (especially if a buff is cast in the log but does not appear on the caster).

  • Suzie Q plush now has a 1% chance to appear when investigating the plants in QP's garden.
    Q Plushie has a small dedicated event that may occur when exploring in QP; you have a 30% chance to receive the plushie after finding the event.

    Card Sharp's Deck can be found in the following locations:
    The Kitcehn (OFB) - 0.6% of the time.
    Inside the Hovel (DMM) - 6% of the time.
    Searching the Stone (TEP) - 0.4% of the time.
    Left in the Maze (QP) - 0.5% of the time.
    The Cave (OD) - 0.25% of the time.

    Posting this information now for feedback purposes regarding drop rates for custom items.

  • Card-Sharp's Deck drop rates have increased by roughly 250% from their respective locations.

  • A new testing ground opponent is available for level 20+ warriors. He's based largely around pure damage & high health; we're experimenting with tankier opponents to counter one-shot mage builds. Feedback would be appreciated!

    Note: There's no rewards for this battleground.

  • Card-Sharp's Deck can now be found very rarely through certain exploration paths.

  • The Challenger NPCs, Super Fun Happy Wheel Event, and Bell Fairy have been disabled.

  • Knotted Shield now provides 6 endurance instead of 0.
    It can now parry twice instead of once.

    The Dragon Spike Flail now always decreases your opponent's armour by 60% for two rounds (instead of a 5% chance to do so).
    It now deals 55% more damage to heavy armour instead of 35%.
    It now deals 70 - 90 fire damage instead of 5 - 10.

    The Sunder Amulet now provides 4 endurance instead of 1.
    It now provides 30 physical mitigation as well.

  • Both the Bell Fairies & Super Fun Happy Wheel have been extended to the 14th.

  • The Challengers battleground now drops Soup 27% of the time.

  • Frenzy's Shroud now only lasts 4 rounds, instead of until the end of battle.

  • Sorcerer Gem Raptor image has been added to the Snow Festival news post and the costume image is officially in the system now for you to dress up your Gem Raptors!

  • The new exploration event can now yield:
    - Dark Mythic Tablets
    - Shining Sun Dragon Scales
    - Bright Sky Dragon Scales
    - Toxic Candycorn
    - Gilded Magical Gills
    - Aqua Magical Gills

    The event now occurs 50% more often.

  • You can now donate all of your candy with a single click directly from your inventory.

  • The Warehouse event is available again, however the Reagents option only yields uncommon items as it was generating reagents not intended to be given out from that option.

    This option will be changed in a couple days to randomly generate from a predefined pool of items.

  • The Warehouse event is temporarily disabled.

  • A new exploration event is now available.

  • Unfortunately it seems that the Pumpkin Guts got swept up in the item removals when our programmer went through and set the event items to "deactivate". We'll be checking into this and posting updates and a fix for you all when we have one. Thanks for being patient with us here guys, we know this event has had quite a few bumps and we apologize for that.

  • You are now significantly less likely to get yellow cards from the tarot event, and you're also less likely to find costumes from this outcome as well.

    However, you'll now receive a random super rare costume instead of diver costume specifically. Additionally, mini-pets from yellow cards can now be any super rare animal.

  • The Mechanical Heart item can now be socketed into a weapon for the following effect:

    Each turn, you've a 50% chance to heal for 25 health (modified by intelligence).

  • The Regular Harbinger will now use Dark Lightning instead of Lightning Strike.

    It now only has a 10% chance to drop an elixir, instead of 50%.

    It now only drops 200 - 1000 FC instead of 1000 - 2000.

    The Battleground now requires 8 charges to enter instead of 20.