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User ID: #102792
Username: moonstar70
Gender: Female
Last Online: 21 May 2019, 12:24 am
Registered: 9 Aug 2017, 9:01 am


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First Village I was in: Quetzal Palace

Dear mods,
Emeraldfox01 and I are sisters. We share the same IP address and trade each other a lot. Please, don’t ban us. We don’t share accounts

“Sick of hearing this hakuna matata motto,
From people who won the lotto,
We're not that lucky.
Have you noticed that you're breathing?
Uh huh,
Look around and count your blessings”



My Wishlist!

Most wanted:
641-paintie-ticket.png 1583-paintie-three-pack.png 1584-paintie-five-pack.png 1585-paintie-ten-pack.png

1779-rainbow-sneep.png 1829-yellow-meep.png 2898-winter-wonderland-festive-kitsune.p 343-winged-hippo.png 1145-winged-corgi.png 3231-white-rose-aardwolf.png 2265-banana-creme-pawsum.png 2267-blossom-pawsum.png 2264-gray-pawsum.png 1143-tan-points-corgi.png 1830-brown-meep.png 1831-gray-meep.png 446-aurora-burr.png 458-aurora-ferret.png

708-shifty-morphing-potion.png 592-dutch-ad-morphing-potion.png 594-wickerbeast-morphing-potion.png 593-manokit-morphing-potion.png 729-snuffle-morphing-potion.png 3466-primordial-shifty-morphing-potion.p 3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png

71-fluffy-costume.png 59-aquatic-costume.png 61-diver-costume.png 3309-lion-costume.png 72-mythic-costume.png 60-pirate-costume.png 68-reaper-costume.png 67-royal-costume.png 73-sorcerer-costume.png 70-spooky-costume.png 66-steampunk-costume.png 65-warrior-costume.png

PLUSHIES (non magic/magic)
893-magic-garnet-gembound-plush.png 899-magic-aquamarine-gembound-plush.png 1109-magic-beloved-gembound-plush.png 2618-magic-beach-fun-hyena-plush.png

STICKERS (non magic/magic)
4311-magic-amethyst-gem-raptor-sticker.p 4435-magic-aquamarine-gem-raptor-sticker 2369-magic-blue-tang-manokit-sticker.png

506-infection-plant.png 279-frozen-wood-slab.png 278-haunted-pine-slab.png 275-coral-slab.png 276-marble-slab.png 277-stone-slab.png 7-dragonsmaw-manor-house.png 2934-anas-feathered-roast.png

Currently looking for a toyhou.se invite code, so if you got a spare, just pm me <3

My little fuzzball, vanilla!

Villagers 21

Comments 47

    • Thanks, though!

    • Ah, I saw it, but I forgot to respond to it. I was wanting make the chainmail for the experience, and possibly sell it.

    • Alright! let me know when, and i can doodle up a headshot of them ^^

    • OMG aww thank you so much for the art for kitsuki!! <33 i love it, so thoughtful of you ;w;
      If you'd like i can do a headshot of one of yours!

    • Aw that would be nice!! ^^ <3

    • Okay sent! ^^ And awwwe your pet hamster is soooo cute ;A; <33 I love it!!

    • Alright! just send over the trade when you have the time, i have 30k fc more now, let me know if i should add! :)

    • Thanks! It is appreciated! Don't worry about the amount by the way, I didn't put an amount limit for a reason! Thanks again!

    • well sadly i only have 80k fc atm, though which pet are you offering? Im mostly interested in wishlist pets at the moment c:

    • I sure am!

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