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User ID: #122247
Username: Unnamed-light
Gender: Female
Last Online: 25 Aug 2019, 11:49 am
Registered: 28 Oct 2018, 3:59 pm


Profile description

I need a female Fuzzle Worm, type doesn't matter ^^
@ mods I share an IP address with Squidily
~Hi, I'm Unnamed light nice to meet you^^
bio thing:
I'm Unnamed light, Miss light or Cassandra, I live in Canada, Ontario and enjoy it, I'm an Unpaided member. I'm Autochorissexual if you don't know what that means feel free to PM me, I don't bite! I'm not a furry, I love Vocaloid and UTAU, if you wanna talk just PM me^^ I chose to stay out of Politics and religion and won't say my stand on both. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of what I have to say!

Current Goals:
-Giving all of my villagers a personality
-giving all my villagers a song

Future Goals:
-Give every villager a pet
-Give every villager a full profile
-get a Magic Spell Caster Saggitari Sticker

Fan Badge (90 day log in) on April 1st, 2019
my birthday is February 4th
feel free to drop me a PM on anything!
Collector of Cowpuccino's.

Wishlist forever expanding
Gembound Morphing Potion
Howling Were-Kitsune
Vali's Kitsune
Foxfire Kitsune
Jade Kitsune
any Fuzzle Worm
Magic Spell Caster Saggitari Sticker
Magic Unicorn Sticker
Aquarius Zodiac Plushie
Magic Sea Turtle Dragon Plush
Pink moth
Primordial Shifty Morphing Potion
any Sealorb
Magic Kimono Wickerbeast Plush
any Cloud Wolves
Any Cloud Sheep
Puffer Box
Lovebirds Box
any Jumping Spider
Swallowtail Moth
Mystery Kitsune Bag
Any meep
any sneep
any Shrimplet
any Imp
Howling Were-Kitsune
Aurora Sky Batpaca
Any Batpaca
Magic Fae Bat Sticker
Magic Slime Bat Sticker gifted by: SeafiretheDragon
Magic Baker Manokit Sticker
Magic Cheshire Big Cat Sticker
Magic Cloudy Owl Plush
Magic Dragon Cat Sticker
Magic Gala Glam Skunk Sticker

Villagers 17

Comments 14

    • Thank you for the fc :3 I really appreciate it!

    • Ayyy I'm Autochorrisexual/Ace, too!

    • Thank you so much for the welcome and potion! I really appreciate it! I am also ace so it is fun to see other ace users on this site. : )

    • please don't feel bad at all! it's always the thought that counts. ♡

    • Amnesia
      I feel bad for just giving you a gem raptor Morphing potion because I know it's cheep.

    • you are such a dear, thank you so much for the potion! ♡

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