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User ID: #122247
Username: Unnamed-light
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Feb 2019, 10:17 pm
Registered: 28 Oct 2018, 3:59 pm


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@ mods I share an IP address with Squidily

Birthday Feb 4th

Collector of Cowpuccino's!!

Collector of Jumping Spiders

**I got the Feb plantimal on release day!!**

Asexual pride Button ✓ gifted by Monika
Gembound Morphing Potion
Puffer Box
Lovebirds Box
Aquarius Zodiac Plushie
Any Cowpuccino
any Jumping Spider

~Hello! You may know me from the other sites i'm on (list below) or you saw me here (though I highly doubt it, heh) I live in Canada and I love it!

I'm highly shy but if you send a PM I will try to answer it!
You may see me enter a raffle or two but I never win anything. You see, my family has bad luck when it comes to raffles and sadly THAT got passed down to me.

I LOVE anime and Manga!
My favorite movie AND Manga is Wolf Children.
I LOVE Vocaloid (a lot!!)
my Favorite animal is Penguins (just look at them!!)
I have a PS4

List of users you should check out
my sister - Squidily

list of sites I'm on.
Sylestia (Unnamedlight)
DeviantArt (Smol-Bean-Queen)
Wajas (Unnamed-light)
Subeta (Unnamed_light)
Pokeheroes (Unnamed_light)
PokeFarm Q (Unnamed light)
Pokemon Eclipse (Unnamed light)
Eggcave (unnamed-light)
Gaia (Unnamed light)
Toyhouse (Unnamed light)
~~~~To add more~~~~~
Flags!! (not by me)

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