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"Listen not to the whispers that plague the night. Invite not the misfortune of the mountain's maw. For even the smallest drop of dew can create a fog that leads you askew..."
-Legend of the Dragon's Breadth

There are tales of creatures losing their way in the mountains of Tigereye Peak, never to be found again. Friends, family, familiars... nothing is safe from the cold embrace of the Dogtooth Mountains. There are even legends of an ancient dueling ground where the most famous of battles was fought. Two armies against each other, all warriors of which vanished in the span of a single night. There were no signs of the battle and no clear winner between the tribal ancestors of the two founders of Quetzal Palace and Tigereye Peak.

Legends of the hallowed ground were to fade into obscurity over the years, none dared scale the jagged Dogtooth Mountain range for fear of losing their lives and all was to be peaceful for a time. Peaceful it was until only a few moons ago where inhabitants of an isolated village sent in missing people reports with the same tagline: Curious travelers disappearing into the land of mists, never to be seen again.

Hearing of these nightmarish disappearances, the twin warriors Robert and Iris migrated to Tigereye Peak in hopes they could find resolution to all these reports. The village they were led to in their travels bore no name, only the title of the body of water they resided in. Dragon's Breath Lake.

Legends say that the lake is actually the gaping maw of an ancient dragon that sleeps deep within the earth, waiting to be awoken. The two warriors quickly found the elder of the hidden hamlet and began to shoot a barrage of questions and threats to the ancient deer. He remained silent as his fellows stepped forward and insisted that they have tried to convince every traveler to not wander into the misty outskirts of the wilderness. They were superstitious here, warning that the lake dragon would exact a toll in exchange for wandering too deep into its sacred lands. Robert, curious as to the villagers' meaning, dared ask the elder what this toll would be. Razón gravely responded, a sorrow in his voice; "Your mortal coil."

Robert and Iris promptly decided to create a sentry station in the village, living among them to ward off monsters and stop any more adventurers from vanishing under their watchful gazes. They were welcomed with open arms and exist contentedly in the usual peace of the quiet village.


Writer and Moderator for

I collect angelic things, and I will get them all to display in my gallery one day. If you have something angelic you think I'd like, my PMs are always open.

Next angelic items to seek:

Galaxy Dutch Angel Dragon

Fluffy Dutch Angel Dragon

I'm not entirely active on Furvilla, though I do hop in every so often to write some lore, buy some costumes, and the like~
You can find me most active on the links below!

Flight Rising


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    • XD Yep, snarky and good hearted. Thank you. ^_^

    • What bean tho xD


    • You're welcome! I hope it helped you out. :D

    • Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I think maybe I spend TOO MUCH time here, but I really do enjoy many aspects of Furvilla :-)

    • 1:1000 is accurate, thanks!

    • Welcome back, we are delighted to have you! We are still a bit rough around the edges, but we are working to make Furvilla a better place for everyone. I hope you stay a while. :)

    • found you!!!
      I was looking for mats in the stalls and i wondered if it was who I thought it was XD

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