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Change Log

  • We have finished all of the festival preparation that can be achieved with the site up and running. Scheduled downtime will begin a bit early, at 4:30 pm Furvilla time. We do not anticipate being down for long.

  • Serpenia Seed Packet and Featherfern Seed Packet have been permanently removed from the Cottage Shoppe. They will be available again via an alternate method soon.

  • Serpent's Cake Recipe Card, Serpanana Split Recipe Card, and Serpent's Spirit Recipe Card have had their base crafting times reduced to 45 min. This change is permanent.

  • Lucky Stew Recipe should work now. Thank you!

  • March's Feast button prize has been correctly set to "Squeakherd's Pie Button".

  • Quick clarification:
    The stats being doubled only applies to the following items:
    Grande Melee Amulet
    Grande Melee Armour
    Grande Melee Cloak
    Grande Melee Knife
    Grande Melee Companion
    Grande Melee Ring
    Grande Melee Shield
    Grande Melee Sword

  • All Grand Melee equipment have had their stats doubled.

    Note these cannot be used in PvP, but you can use them in other battlegrounds for the duration of the event.

  • The Grande Tourney is set to start later this evening, barring any unforeseen issues (we are doing last-min checks).

    Every festival is planned to take place in 2024. Festivals may not follow the same schedule as in years past.

    Thank you.

  • Saryumane the Protector

    4 INT --> 5
    14 END --> 17
    Trigger Chance: 40% --> 45%.

  • I have updated the Paintie Rules pages to describe what kind of content may be tagged as mature in an otherwise accepted paintie.


    Players can choose to hide such painties by the following categories: gore, substance use, profanity, and sensitive content.

  • The item, 'Forest Cape', has been renamed to 'Forest Cloak'.

    Thank you.

  • 2024 Retired Box is now available in the Furdollar Emporium and Cottage Shoppe.

    *Special announcement. Watch out for Admin-Wisteria.

  • The following animals can now drink the Water of Life:

    Annifursary Collie
    All Pumpkin Mimics
    Fine Art Raccoon
    Vintage Dinoby

    Snow Fest incoming!

  • Added 2 Endurance & 100 Physical Mitigation to Neon Goggles.

  • Entries for the Spread The Love thread have been reviewed and prizes have been sent.

  • Winners for the Haunted Couture Fashion Show Stage 2023 have been drawn and prizes have been sent.

  • The used version of all of the Harvest Carnival's stickers have now been un-hidden in the Item Museum. Please accept my apologies, your old friend Aspen has been feeling a bit ghostly lately.

  • Avast ye! The Ocean of Lost Souls has had its bounty slightly expanded, me hearties!

  • Serpent's Spirit Recipe Card's base crafting time has been increased to 75 minutes, to match past Serpent Tribute food recipe crafting times.

  • The Traveler has stocked some brand new, surely very valuable, absolutely very rare, and totally-worth-your-FC items! Happy April!

  • Abyssal Spear:
    Physical damage increased from 130 - 145 to 170 - 210.
    Dark damage increased from 90 - 110 to 170 - 240.
    Now reduces END by 11, down from 1.
    AGI increased from 1 to 4.
    STR increased from 0 to 2.
    SPD increased from 4 to 5.
    INT increased from 1 to 3.

    Lunar Diadem:
    Dark Resistance increased from 200 to 300.
    Water Resistance increased from 0 to 300.

    Magical Rainbow Friendship Axe:
    +50 to all elemental damage types.
    All resistances / mitigation increased from 25 to 90.
    No longer has ability charges.

    Unicorn Lance:
    Added 70 - 140 water and air damage.

    Midnight Magic Necklace:
    Dark damage increased from 110 - 170 to 360 - 410.

    Nightshade Dagger:
    Now deals 5 - 15 physical damage, allowing it to be dodged.
    Dark damage increased from 50 - 400 to 300 - 600.
    Now increases SPD by 8, up from 2.

    Planetary Headdress:
    Now provides 300 air and lightning resist.

    Rainbow Shield:
    Now has 2 charges of block, up from 1.

    Twilight Helm:
    Now reduces SPD and END by 15, down from 1.
    Now increases INT by 9.
    Now reduces AGI by 20.
    Now increases STR by 10.
    Now provides 400 Dark Resist, up from 50.

    'Resist All' ability now increases all resistances by 325, up from 200.

    Unity Ring:
    Now provides 3 to all stats, up from 2.
    Now reduces water resist by 400.
    Now increases air resist by 400.

  • Breeding issue has been resolved. If you encounter any further bugs, please post to the bug forum. Thank you and enjoy the festival!

  • We are aware of a breeding bug that is affecting some users. Investigating.

  • New buttons have been added to the Serpent's Pot. As such, the button yields have been mixed to accommodate new rainbow cloud friends!

  • Sticker Pack items from previous festivals have been renamed/redescribed for consistency. They are now named after each respective festival; Serpent Tribute, Grande Tourney, Treasure Hunt, Harvest Carnival and Snow Festival.

  • Loot drop odds in Deadly Rogues have been increased.

  • Feathered Necklace Updated:
    Each instance of lightning damage now deals 110 damage, up from 60.
    'Master of the Storm' now heals for 160 (Scaling), up from 120.
    'Lightning Storm' now deals 230 damage per turn until the end of battle, up from 170.
    Now provides +1 speed.

    Feathered Dagger Updated:
    Now deals 1 - 900 damage, up from 1 - 800
    Now provides +1 agility and intelligence.

    Feathered Helm Updated:
    Now provides 275 Lightning Resist, up from 50.

    Fang Spear Updated:
    Now provides 2 AGI, 8 SPD, up from 1/4.
    Damage increased from 130 - 145 to 260 - 370.
    Lightning damage increased from 90 - 110 to 170 - 260.
    Armour damage modifiers removed.

  • The Wand of Distraction -
    Ability now lasts 4 rounds, up from 3.
    Now provides +4 SPD & END.

    Ralph -
    Damage reduced from 900 to 400.
    Odds of attacking increased from 15 to 50.
    'Ralph's Resolution' now increases resistances by 200, up from 100 and now includes air/water resistances.

    The Judgement of Percy -
    Now provides 17 END and 250 Physical Mitigation, up from 12 & 100.
    Now deals 270 - 490 damage, up from 210 - 490.
    No longer causes reduced damage to light armour (was 30%)
    Now increases damage to medium armour by 30%.
    Now increases damage to heavy armour by 45%.
    Now applies 'Sunder Armour' to enemies hit for 3 rounds.

    Bow of Fury -
    Now triggers 'Evasive' on the user for 3 rounds (25% increased dodge chance).
    Damage increased against light armour by 25%.
    Damage increased against medium armour by 12%.
    Now provides 4 SPD.

    Spear of Mighty Thunder -
    END increased from 1 to 6.
    Physical damage increased to 260 - 410, up from 170 - 240.
    Damage reduced against light armour from 200% to 120%.
    Damage reduced against medium armour from 100% to 60%
    Lightning damage increased from 210 - 400 to 210 - 770.

    The Sword of Thane -
    Ability Charges changed from 2 to unlimited.
    AGI increased from 2 to 3.
    STR increased from 2 to 3
    Now provides 4 SPD
    Now provides 1 INT
    END increased from 6 to 12.
    Self-Silence removed.
    Execution effect removed.
    Chill effect removed.
    Preparation effect removed.
    Now heals for 200 health, down from 300, but this effect now scales with intelligence.
    Electrify, Poison Mist, and Burning triggered from attacks last 3 rounds, up from 2.
    Physical damage increased from 410 - 470 to 490 - 550.
    Armour modifiers have been removed.
    Elemental damage increased from 125 - 225 to 220 - 310, and includes damage from water/air.

  • Inspectors from the Furvilla Commission of Public Health have completed their follow-up visits to all Clinics. After discovering a few violations, triage rules have been tightened. The 12 patient limit in the sick ward will now be more strictly enforced. In addition, only 6 severely ill patients (those that require multiple treatments) may be admitted at a time.

    The Commission will continue to monitor to ensure patient and provider safety.

  • Seems we had a bit of a glitch with the Feast Rewards and the December items were sent out. We've set up the rewards to give out the November items for this month's Feast when it is over, so no worries, you won't miss out on the Stingray Pies and Floral Delight Button!

  • Fixed a very specific error where Alchemists equipped with the Sapphire Raven Curio were unable to complete the crafting of Drax. This was due to the unique way the Drax recipes were coded. Please let me know in the bug report forum if you notice any similar issues with any other craftables.

  • A bug where Buck was not giving specific items under certain circumstances has been resolved. Buck's encounter odds have been slightly boosted for the remainder of Black Jade Week to compensate.

  • To help players quickly scroll through their villagers, villager profiles now have links for "Next Villager" and "Previous Villager". Villagers will be in the same order as shown on their profile page. Remember, this order can be changed from "Edit Profile" page. The last villager should wrap around with the first villager.

  • Villager costumes that give a Doctor buff no longer give a potency bonus. Instead they now give a +30% medicine crafting speed bonus.

    Note that currently the only relevance for medicine potency is it indicates level of mastery (used for achievements), only medicines crafted at 100% potency will be stack-able, and only stack-able medicine can be used in recipes that use them.

  • The Raven, Frenchie, Owl, and Elsbeth's Broach Curios have had their yield buffs reworked. Originally, they had a chance to double the base odds of getting a bonus item when crafting (for example, the food wrapper for Cooks). The description for the original buff was admittedly confusing.

    This has been changed to a chance to double the actual yield of the main item being crafted (ie, getting x2 of the food being crafted in the case of Cooks). Note the odds are subject to change if we find they need adjusted. This does not apply to any bonus items, and the crafting of curios is excluded.

  • Inspectors from the Furvilla Commission of Public Health have cited all Clinics for admitting too many patients at once, creating a high incidence of Doctor burnout. As a result, all Clinics are now only permitted to take in new patients if there are 12 or less patients in the sick ward.

    (Healing patients not only helps heal the ill, but makes room for new ones to come in for treatment. Be a good Doctor and don't ignore a patient just because they can't pay well!)

  • We've updated our site fonts to the latest version. You may notice slight changes to some of the icons. I did also identify a few icons that no longer worked which I did fix. Feel free to report any noticed missing or incorrect icons in the minor bug report forum.

  • Slime Slushie Button has been set as the correct prize button for October's Feast. Happy eating!

  • Maple Plushie Recipe has been added to the Tourney Shop.

    Golden Apple has left the Recycle Shop for good. They must be grown from now on!

  • Snap Dragon Bundle Recipe and Blue Sapphire Staff Guide’s rarity has been appropriately corrected to Limited.

    Bottle of the Blackest Ink Blueprint, Tengu Mask Blueprint, Steel Plate Armour Schema, Ancient Yokai Pattern, Standard Leather Armour Schema have been marked as questable.

    Goat Morphing Potion Recipe has been added to the Fair Exchange.

  • To aid in Quests, all recipe drops in Skittering Monsters have increased odds. In exchange, equipment and seed drops have reduced odds.

    Comfortable Clothing Schema, Basic Robes Schema, and Bronze Ring Blueprint’s rarities have been adjusted to Uncommon.

    Bronze Ring Blueprint, Silver Ring Blueprint, Gold Ring Blueprint, now drop in Skittering Monsters.

  • Doctor career achievement should now accurately count how many medicines are possible to be mastered (25). Thus the "Master all medicines" achievement should now be attainable.

  • The "loot" tag as been audited with a script. It should now tag any item that is droppable from a battleground that is currently active.

  • Several changes concerning battlegrounds have been made in preparation for upcoming site content:

    - Lissar and Talois have been removed from Deadlier Monsters and placed in the Legacy battleground.

    - The Deadlier Monsters battleground now yields slightly less Furcoins upon victory.

    - Monsters throughout all battlegrounds have been resized and turned to face you in battle. Some of the more powerful versions of these monsters have been recolored. Skittering Monsters weak creatures have also been recolored.

    - Mimic has been removed from the Legacy battleground and placed in Deadly Monsters at a very rare spawn rate.

    - Corrupted Spire, Beta Drone, and Industrial Wraith have been moved from the Abyss to Deadly Monsters.

    More small tweaks to monster graphics may happen over the next several days. You may need to hard refresh (cntrl+F5) several times to see some of these changes, our apologies for the dust!

  • We are currently working on tweaking some monster graphics - they may display a little wacky for a bit!

  • Issues with the Repair Kit and Gold Repair Kit have been addressed:

    - The Repair Kit can only repair houses that are not destroyed, as they no longer have a maximum durability. Destroyed houses will thus need to be replaced. However, note that houses currently no longer degrade (a change that was made long ago). The description for the item has been updated.

    - For both repair kits, it should now correctly produce an error message if there is nothing that qualifies to be repaired, and it should not consume the repair kit.

    As always please let me know if you notice any related errors!

  • A few villagers career pages would crash if they were set to the Warrior career. This was due to having a specific item (Spooky Scary Mousey Doll) equipped in the utility equipment slot when it had briefly been assigned as an equipment in the past. These equips were manually removed from these villagers, and the item reimbursed to the affected players. There were 5 such villagers. Please let us know if you have any other issues viewing your warriors' career pages.

  • Trivia prizes have been awarded to the winners and runner ups.

  • Birthday Bash Piñata has been added to the Birthday Boutique. If today is your birthday, this was already set to claim at 12am FVT.

    Don't forget, you will get a FREE Piñata throughout 2022 when logging in on your birthday, as well as 20% off of anything in the Birthday Boutique. You must log in on your Birthday to receive this gift.

    Happy New Year!

  • All the Haunted Couture Fashion Show Winners have been drawn and received their prizes!