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Change Log

  • A couple quick changes regarding some crystals:

    Shield Crystals:
    Greater Air Resist - 190 Air Resist, up from 100.
    Tremendous Fire Resist - 460 Fire Resist, up from 340.
    Tremendous Water Resist - 250 Water Resist, up from 170.
    Note: This crystal has been renamed from 'Shield Crystal: Water' to "Shield Crystal: Tremendous Water Resist'
    Fusion - 100 Mitigation & 100 Resist All (Now includes Water/Air).

    Utility Crystal:
    Fusion - 50 Mitigation and 50 resist all (now includes new elements).

  • Icy Antlers now drop rarely in the Abyss, and even more rarely in the Mystic Caves.

    Sparkly Sprinkles now drop in Deadly and Deadlier Monsters.

    You may notice some crystal names and artwork change over the next few days. This is in preparation for an expansion to crystal crafting, which is planned for a later date.

  • Year of the Ox Red Envelope is now classified as a keepsake. It provides 1 extra charge to an Explorer.

  • The winning vistas from the Out of This World Vista Contest have now been put into the Recycling Shop! Apologies for this unusual delay and we thank you all for your patience! ~MOD-Piko

  • Additional battle buddies have had effects added to them. Also, some of the previous ones have had their images updated to look cleaner.

    Remember you can disable battle effects in your User Settings.

  • Obsidian Greatsword & Faeli's Cursed Amulet have had their silence effects replaced with Eternal Silence; this effect silences as per usual, but cannot be 'replaced' by temporary silence effects.

  • Two long overdue updates to the Spell books!

    -Spell book of Air's damage increased from 130-200 to 275-350
    -Spell book of Water's damage increased from 150-200 to 250-320


  • Every participation prize for the Out of This World contests have been given out. If you believe a mistake was made and you did not receive the right number of prizes, please message the AdminAssistant account.

    Prizes for the contest winners are still being sent out. Thank you for your patience!

  • The site should now show on your browser as being on a secure connection, with all addresses routing to https://www.furvilla.com

    This may have required you to log back into your account.

  • Around 35,000 unverified accounts have been permanently banned, which will temporility effect the users online count. For now on such accounts will be purged on a regular basis.

  • Icy Antlers now drop very rarely in the Legacy Grounds.

  • Some code has been updated related to battleground graphics. This is a expansion of related updates from the last downtime. No one has yet to report any bugs related to this, but please be on the lookout as there were additional changes today.

    What you should notice as a player is nothing different. However, there was a single addition since the event started that was previously unannounced:

    The Dapper Chicken Battle Buddy will appear on the battlefield with your warrior (or with your opponent in PVP) if equipped. Where they appear is determined by which of the 3 weapon slots they are equipped to. It is possible to have more than one.

    If you do not wish to see this effect, there is an option to "Hide Battle Effects" in your account settings. Checking this will also hide any future similar effects. Note that the Dapper Chicken is currently the only such element in the game, and will remain that way for the immediate future as we continue to look for bugs and other issues.

    Please let me know if you notice any issues!

  • All previously released Cloud Pets have had their breeding cooldowns adjusted to 10 days, up from 1.

    Baublin cooldown is now 15, up from 2.

    Gemlin cooldown is now 15, up from 1.

    Kitsoul cooldown is now 10 days, up from 3.

  • Tigereye Peak's Creston themed explore event has been upgraded with new graphics.

    ReVita-Bites Pet Treats now always contains 10 treats. ReVita-Bites Biscuit is now priced 3 Maple Leafs in the Cottage Shoppe, down from 5.

  • All the prizes for The Questionable Quiztacular have now been given! Thank you everybody for participating in such big numbers and thank you for your patience concerning giving out prizes as we have to manually give them out to every winner (and there were a lot)!

    If you believe there was a mistake in the prize giving process and you deserved a prize/didn't get the right one, please send a message to the AdminAssistant account, thank you. ~MOD-Piko

  • Mimulet has returned with new functionality.

    It now has an activated Sunder skill, and passively heals you each turn for 340 scaling health while silencing the wearer.

  • The Mimulet has temporarily had its ability removed while we investigate some issues with its functionality.

  • "Canned Air" is now a spell instead of a skill.

  • There's a new poll posted! It's apart of The Questionable Quiztacular, go check it out: http://www.furvilla.com/poll/45

    Please go read the rules and details first! http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/117509-the-questionable-quiztacular

  • Some changes to how colors and costumes work:

    When using a morphing potion, magical plush, magical sticker, or magical stone on a villager, it WILL NO LONGER strip them of any applied costumes. Instead, it will set the default appearance to "Default to Color."

    Likewise, when applying a costume, the default appearance will set "Default to Costume."

    So for example, if you have a cat with the Royal costume on, and you use a canine morphing potion on it, it will change their species to canine and they will still have the Royal costume and its associated buffs. Then, if you want them to appear as a canine wearing the Royal costume, simply go to the villager info and edit their default appearance back to Default to Costume.

    The only way to remove a costume will be to do it manually from the villager's profile page. In the past it would then allow you to select from only basic colors. This has been changed to allow you to pick any basic colors as well as its current color, if it has a specialty color.

    So for example, if you remove a costume from your Ocean Dreams Crocodile, you should be able to select any basic crocodile color or Ocean Dreams, but not any other specialty colors. This also fixes an error that was not allowing costumes to be removed from species that had no basic colors, such as the gem raptor, leodon, flailadon, etc.

    As there are surprisingly many moving parts here in the code related to this, there is much opportunity for bugs or missed special circumstances. Please let me know in bug report forum if you discover any problems.

    Thank you!

  • An issue that was causing a freeze or crash instead of an intended error message (such as failing to select a valid target of the item) has been fixed. All "usable" inventory items have been checked, and this was found to effect the following items:

    Hallowed Potion
    Pumpkin Treat
    Breeding Potion
    Durability Potion

    If you notice any new problems related to these items, or if I missed this in something else, please let me know!

  • You can now designate whether or not your villager's appearance defaults to its costume (if applied) or its "color" (which includes things like base colors, sticker, plush, and stone variations). The automatic battle flip script should account for your chosen setting. The character thumbnail should be subject to this setting as well. To find this, go to your villager's profile page, click "Edit" under Villager Info, and the toggle will be in the pop-up. All villagers have been set to initially default to Costume. NOTE that as before, having a paintie set will still override this setting. Please report any issues. Thank you!

  • Snow Festival Snow Pet Fairy and Snow Festival Sticker Fairy has been re-programmed to be usable and no longer "openable". Their functionality should be the same, currently with the same prizes from last year's Snow Festival. Slight odds changes to the pet fairy. There is a 13% chance for the super rare colors, with equal odds for other colors. If you happen to use any please let me know if any errors occur.

  • Another minor update to Animal Husbandry to note. When donating animals in Warren's forest, there is now a "Check All" button that will automatically check all the pets on a page.

    Also, if you click off the pop-up window without submitting, it will reset the selections back to none. Previously, this required the Forest page itself to be refreshed. This should decrease the chance of inadvertently donating a pet on accident.

    If you see any new bugs or issues with the recent animal donation updates, please report or let me know if bug report forum!

  • Within a villager's Animal Husbandry page for the Forest (animal donations), there is now a link for more a detailed donation log. For now on, specific animal donations in addition color rarities and leaf rewards are being logged.

  • Everyone should go check out the Official Contest Forum and give the new Contest a shot! We're looking to name a new Furvilla Chibi species and we want your help!!!

    ♥ ADMIN-MAT ♥

  • A small issue causing the $4.99 and $9.99 FD purchase tiers to error should now be fixed. Please do let me know in reports or bug report forum if you encounter any issues!

  • The Fur Idol rules have gotten a small update, make sure to check it out if you're a Fur Idol fan!

  • Every contest participation prize (The Golden Pumpkin) should have been sent to the users who entered valid entries in the contests. If I've forgotten to send you one or if I sent you extras, please contact the AdminAssistant account! Thank you! ~MOD-Piko

  • The Wheelbur Enamel Pin has been removed as being listed as a Keepsake, as it was meant to be an outfit only. If you had previously put it on a villager as a keepsake it should still be in their keepsake slot, but if you remove it you'll only be able to place it back on as an outfit.

    Please let me know if encounter any issues related to this!

  • Secondary buffs have been added to many Harvest Carnival prizes as a bonus. Enjoy the last few days of the Carnival!

  • Weapon Crystal: Piercing Light has a 2% chance to drop when crafting weapon crystals, up from 1%.
    Weapon Crystal: Light has a 2% chance to drop when crafting weapon crystals.
    Note that these crystals are created in addition to normal results.


  • Some minor updates to Animal breeding were made during downtime:

    From breeding stables, the breeding pop-up screen should now only show currently breedable animals. This will exclude the following: sterile animals, animals on breeding cooldown, animals that have no more breeding charges, animals in broken stables

    Within stables, a red tag shows if an animal is sterile or has no breeding charges. Animal that are breedable now have a green tag.

    Animals with breeding charges will now also show its maximum charges in parenthesis.

    Some other code was changed that you should not notice, so please let me know if you notice any oddities or new bugs related to Animal Breeding!

  • The following recipe cards have been removed from the Cozy Cookery temporarily for re-balancing in preparation for the annual Harvest Carnival.

    Rock Candy Skull
    Gelatin Not-So-Gray Matter Dessert
    Spooky Sundae
    Slime Slushie
    Spaghetti and Eyeballs
    Strawberry Funnel Cake

    These items will not be asked for in Quests during the time they are unavailable in the Cookery.

    They will return to the Cozy Cookery at the start of the Harvest Carnival, and will again be asked for in Quests at that time.

  • When looking at an item's Item Museum entry, there should now be a shop link if the item is stocked in the Cozy Cookery, Tourney Shop, Quest Shop, Recycling Shop, or Cottage Shop. The FDE Emporium, Fair Exchange, and town shops were already doing this. Therefore, one should be able to easy check if a particular item is for sale in any shop.

  • Ooozey Gooze is now classified as a rare item. It now also drops rarely in Wandering, Deadly, and Deadlier Monsters.

    Oasis Water is now classified as a rare item.

    Vibrant Gemstones and Dark Gemstones are now classified as uncommon items.

    Oasis Water, Vibrant Gemstones, and Emerald Feathers now drop from all Mystic battlegrounds.

    The drop rate of Dark Gemstones in all Mystic battlegrounds has been decreased.

    Haunted Dark Drax Recipe and Necromanced Dark Drax Recipe no longer drop from battlegrounds.

    Haunted Dark Drax Recipe, Necromanced Dark Drax Recipe, and Abada Recipe may now be purchased from the Cottage Shoppe.


    The following Equipment have been re-classified as Limited:

    Card-Sharp's Deck
    Risktaker's Shield
    Risktaker's Sword
    Risktaker's Coin
    Tourmaline Ring
    Imaginary Lance That Doesn't Exist


    The following items may now be asked for in Quests:

    Oozey Gooze
    Shed Antler
    Oasis Water

  • Wooden Scythe, Hammer & Axe are now uncommon.

  • Hovering over the item tag checkboxes in the item museum and stall search should give a description of what the tag means. Likewise, item tags from item information pop-ups should also give a description.

    Buffed items should now show tags for the buffs they give as well.

    As always let me know if you find any problems.

  • The water & frost mimics are no longer mimicking each other.

  • Fusion Bolt Amulet now has a chance to drop from tier 1 (level 1 - 5) battlegrounds for each village.

  • Shield Crystal: Water can now be purchased in the Valour Point Shop for 23,000 points.

  • My apologies for the brief unexpected downtime. There shouldn't be any problems, but please let me know in the Bug Report Forum if you notice and errors while browsing the site.

    There is now a link from the News page to "Polls", underneath the Change Log button. This will take you to the page showing current active polls. From that page there is now a link to "Recently Completed" polls. This will show the results for polls that have ended in the past 30 days.

  • Lisaar, The Eternal Night no longer uses Hidden Thorns.

  • Slight change to the pop-up when a Construction Worker villager crafts or repairs and item using wood. You simply need to click the desired wood type and it will automatically select the required quantity upon confirmation. You will have to use the same wood for a single project. Before there was certain situations where it wasn't allowing you to manually select the correct amount of required. Please let me know in bug report forum of any new issues!

  • From your Menagerie, there is now a button that will generate a "Missing List". What this does is shows you all the animals (male and female) that are currently absent from your Menagerie. If you click on their icon, it'll take you to the animal's Item Museum page.

    This button is where the "Checklist" would be for the other collection galleries.

    There's also been small tweak to the Checklists for the Button Book, Sticker Album, Toybox, Stone Collection, and Stamp Collection. Most notably, the items now show an image and a link to the Item Museum entry. The checkbox is now on the very left and no longer appears to be clickable, as it simply functions as an indicator that you have the item in the collection.

  • The "You Own" column in the stall search was causing lag and temporarily removed on August 6th. It has been re-implemented as an optional search parameter toggled by a "Show Owned Counts" checkbox. It, along with the Hide Expired Food checkbox has been moved into the "More Options" section of the search window. Note that searching with this checked will return only 10 items per page instead of the usual 30.

    If it is found this is still causing any kind of lag, particularly on other aspects of the site, this option will be removed. Please let me know if you notice any issues this forum thread:


  • Item Museum and Stall Search now both show a breakdown of how many of each item you have on your account. When you hover over the number, it shows you the locations where they have been tallied.

    Items in Stall Search now link to that item's museum page.

    The Item Museum now also has a checkbox for "GENERATE DO NOT HAVE LIST" which will produce a concise list of items you do not currently have. Currently, this list will generate 200 items per page while filtering out items you are in possession of.

    Here are the search locations for each item on your account:

    All items: Inventory, Storage, Stall, Gallery, Pending outgoing transfers
    Animals: Held as pet by Villager, In Stables, In Menagerie
    Outfits: Worn by villager
    Keepsakes: Worn by villager
    Buttons: In Button Book
    Stickers: In Sticker Album
    Plushes: In Toybox
    Stones: In Stone Collection
    Stamps: In Stamp Book
    House: In Villager Slot
    Pot: In Herbalist Slot
    Stable: In Husbandry Slot
    Equipment: Equipped to a Warrior
    Crystal: Socketed in an Equipment (which is subsequently in Inventory, Storage, Stall, Gallery, Transfers, or Equipped)
    Furniture: In a villager's house

    Items being crafted that are not yet claimed
    Items held by Construction Workers being repaired
    Plants/Seeds still in herbalist pots
    Unclaimed transfers
    Incompleted trades

    Please let me know if you notice any bugs or inconsistencies in the Bug Report forum.

  • Bubble shield should now correctly apply its effect on your opponent.

  • There's a bunch of new contests being hosted in the Official Contests forum! Make sure to take a look!