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New Paintie Price, Opening Day & Holiday Event

Posted by Staff on 28 Nov 2016, 1:03 am


Hello everyone, another quick announcement for you all! Going to cover a couple things here so be sure to give it all a thorough read.

Paintie Prices

Paintie prices will be going up, from the current 100 Fur Dollars to the new price of 250 Fur Dollars. This news post is the 72 HOUR WARNING for you to submit at the current price, after the 72 hours are up, the new price will be in effect. So be sure to get those cuties into the queue ASAP if you'd like to take advantage of the 100 Fur Dollar price!

Opening Day

Furvilla Staff have come to the decision to push back opening day to December 7th 2016, this is going to give everyone just a little more time to be sure that all the little ducks are in a row and we are ready to give a warm welcome to all our new members.

Winter Holiday Event

And last but not least, we will have a fun winter holiday event coming to you on December 14th so be prepared for the festivities! We're all looking forward to our first holiday event and can't wait to share it with all of you! This event will be bringing a new holiday themed site layout skin, seasonal items, new limited Villager colors, and drum roll please 6 new species will be getting a Costume!

Thanks so much for reading, cheers my busy little beta bugs.

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    • To be honest I think it's sort of ridiculous that people have such a huge issue with the price raise considering we were also in beta. Is paying an extra dollar fifty really such a big deal that it's worth complaining about? And this is coming from someone in Canada who has to pay even /more/. It costs 10 dollars on Flight Rising to get a one copy accent.

      Not to mention the staff have to filter through all of the painties which requires a lot of time. The fact that they have to keep those images on their servers and the work involved to having a feature like this.

      If you can't be bothered to support the site because the price of something was raised a dollar and fifty cents then do what everyone on every other site does work a little harder, earn up regular currency and exchange. Eventually the whole thing will balance itself out.

    • disgusting. a price hike. glad i dont really use this site anymore.

    • oh joy, make the painties more expensive and hard to get for people who can't put money into a web game!

    • the price hike is extremely unnecessary, honestly. it was just as fine as it is. maybe if you made getting furdollars much easier on the site and rather than relying on your old friend money, people would actually be okay with it.
      and maybe if you would actually listen to criticism on the forums rather than giving us infractions, this could be changed since a large amount of people dislike it

    • yeah not thrilled with the price being raised. at least it's not $5 a piece like most other games. thank you, at least, for not forcing us to spend heinous amounts of money for vanity features. 2/$5 still isn't great, but eh.

    • Also, since you can't edit posts and I spaced on mentioning this. The site runs in USD. But not everyone here plays in USD. $2.50 USD is roughly $3.40 CAD, whereas $1 USD was a little easier at only $1.30ish CAD. (I may not be Canadian, but I have friends in Canada and let me tell you how horrible it is to have us both talking about something we wish we could buy, but the price is almost double the cost for them as it is me.) There are loads of people from all over the world on this site, and guess what. Conversion Rates are awful.

    • Glad Opening Day has been pushed back, because honestly, it felt way too rushed to me.
      Also glad to hear we're getting more costume art (please let it be for species I own aha) and see the limited villager colors coming out because I'm really curious how that will work (especially with a holiday event.)
      I'm also thankful you decided to extend the deadline for the paintie price hike.

      However I do kinda have an issue with the price hike. For one, you charge FurDollars for both Inventory and Storage Space. Yeah, I know we get free Inventory Space for being active a set number of days (honestly I feel that should be free storage space, since a cluttered inventory is really gross and pointless to have, but I digress;) I can't think of any other site that makes you pay to use your own inventory and storage like that. I'd be fine if we had to pay FurCash for it, but FurDollars is just... extremely excessive and has kept me from doing a whole lot on the site.

      Secondly, everyone saying how places like FlightRising charge you $20 to use Skins/Accents. Yeah, they do. But Flight Rising gives you ways to earn Gems on-site without you needing to be talented in art, or have real life money to burn. Because hey, news flash, not everyone has that kind of money or skill. Also, FR gives discounts for more of a bundle you buy at once. Ten Skins/Accents are cheaper to buy then just one blueprint.

      If you want to charge us FurDollars to get more Storage/Inventory Space, and you're upping the cost of Painties (which, correct me if I'm wrong but haven't you always advertised the price as $1? So suddenly making it $2.50 for new players is actually going to annoy a bunch of them.) why not offer us a chance to earn FurDollars on site? Raise your Minipets up to high friendship levels. Get 5-20 Furdollars mixed in with those FurCash rewards. You don't always have to assign FurDollars but honestly it would also probably make Minipets more worthwhile to own and take care of because their payout right now is pretty pathetic.

    • Price raise: Yeah, okay, I'm fine with that.
      24 hours: ...Really? It's such a short notice and people are panicking to get them all in. Give us a few days or until launch, sheesh!

    • Dang...that price hike, and on such short notice when folks are busy with the holidays. The nice price of Painties is the only reason I ever bought FD before. It's still affordable for many, I'm sure, but it makes me far, far less likely to buy FD when what would have cost me 9 dollars (the rest of my current villagers, not counting any redos I would have done) before now will suddenly cost 22 dollars. That's a huge difference when you're poor IRL, so I can't justify it. I'll just have to earn my FD by selling items, if I decide to do so at all. Sorry! :( I do understand that user activity (and thus, profit) has been dwindling, but raising it now right before more users will finally come in doesn't make the most sense to me.

    • good lord that price hike is brutal. I guess I'm gonna have to farm harder for shit to sell