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New Paintie Price, Opening Day & Holiday Event

Posted by Staff on 28 Nov 2016, 1:03 am


Hello everyone, another quick announcement for you all! Going to cover a couple things here so be sure to give it all a thorough read.

Paintie Prices

Paintie prices will be going up, from the current 100 Fur Dollars to the new price of 250 Fur Dollars. This news post is the 72 HOUR WARNING for you to submit at the current price, after the 72 hours are up, the new price will be in effect. So be sure to get those cuties into the queue ASAP if you'd like to take advantage of the 100 Fur Dollar price!

Opening Day

Furvilla Staff have come to the decision to push back opening day to December 7th 2016, this is going to give everyone just a little more time to be sure that all the little ducks are in a row and we are ready to give a warm welcome to all our new members.

Winter Holiday Event

And last but not least, we will have a fun winter holiday event coming to you on December 14th so be prepared for the festivities! We're all looking forward to our first holiday event and can't wait to share it with all of you! This event will be bringing a new holiday themed site layout skin, seasonal items, new limited Villager colors, and drum roll please 6 new species will be getting a Costume!

Thanks so much for reading, cheers my busy little beta bugs.

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    • I get where you're coming from with the price change...but could it have not waited until a couple of days before opening?

      I'm digging the addition of an event though. Things were starting to get a little quiet.

    • Don't forget, you can also get free Paintie Tickets from the Daily Login, and you get 5 tickets PER GUIDE you write that gets added to the Knowledge Base!

    • Welp. There goes my plans to have CSS done for all the premades I've bought before I upload them. Guess their pages will have to be boring for now hah. But really, I can understand the price increase. I've been on a lot of pet sites over the years and this is still extremely generous.

      And I can't wait for that holiday, sounds awesome!!

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    • You guys should think of it this way:
      The 100 FD price was EXTREMELY generous. Like, I've never seen a website with custom content for so cheap. The cheap price was likely due to this being beta, it's like our reward. A lot of custom content is much cheaper during beta, and the prices adjust later on.
      Another thing: The site's servers will have to sustain a MASSIVE influx of users. The price change was necessary if you want to play on a functional website. $2.50 is still a low-income accessible budget. There are multiple ways to get FD on this website, you can even /write/ for people to get FD.
      If you draw, sell doodles or characters. If you write, sell bios or poetry. Otherwise, battle some warriors and sell the coins/tokens/whatever for FD. You'll get there. It'll be grindy, but you'll get there.

      I mod for another pet sim website, I've seen some really petty reasons for people to quit, but I think this has got to be the most petty. Websites cost money to run. More users means more server load and server space requirements. While I agree that the 24 hour warning is a bit too soon, the price shouldn't be the reason for quitting.

    • Really excited about the winter event!

      Is the costume going to be completely new, or is it just updating a current costume to have art for 6 additional species?

    • Welp, guess who's not coming on anymore. People are saying "its just $2.50, stop complaining" But honestly, think about it. Painties isn't the only thing that are bought with FD, a lot of people buy things in the stalls for FD, and for people of low income like myself, buying FD isn't something that happens easily. If staff are worried about not making enough money I think that is absolutely ridiculous. When the site opens to the public they will likely get a huge influx of new playing that will be spending their money to buy FD. I'm just done with this site, the features are so repetitive and boring, the only thing keeping me here was customization but now they've ruined that too. Bye guys!

    • Time to get serious on making painties //stretch my hands

    • cant it at least be like 200 fd though I mean 1000 fd just went from 10 painties to 4. Can we at least get an even 5 instead? Why is this only 24 hour notice? Why was this even NEEDED? When the site opens painties were already going to print money even at 100. Everyone is going to be pumping out #lowquality painties in 24 hours from panic including myself lmao rip

      Yeah, I doubt it.

    • oo i cant wait for the winter holiday event. that seems cool. I don't really plan on uploading any painties, so the 250 FD thing doesn't really anger me, it seems reasonable also, it isn't like they are raising it up to 1050FD or something. and I think the delay is also reasonable.