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New Paintie Price, Opening Day & Holiday Event

Posted by Staff on 28 Nov 2016, 1:03 am


Hello everyone, another quick announcement for you all! Going to cover a couple things here so be sure to give it all a thorough read.

Paintie Prices

Paintie prices will be going up, from the current 100 Fur Dollars to the new price of 250 Fur Dollars. This news post is the 72 HOUR WARNING for you to submit at the current price, after the 72 hours are up, the new price will be in effect. So be sure to get those cuties into the queue ASAP if you'd like to take advantage of the 100 Fur Dollar price!

Opening Day

Furvilla Staff have come to the decision to push back opening day to December 7th 2016, this is going to give everyone just a little more time to be sure that all the little ducks are in a row and we are ready to give a warm welcome to all our new members.

Winter Holiday Event

And last but not least, we will have a fun winter holiday event coming to you on December 14th so be prepared for the festivities! We're all looking forward to our first holiday event and can't wait to share it with all of you! This event will be bringing a new holiday themed site layout skin, seasonal items, new limited Villager colors, and drum roll please 6 new species will be getting a Costume!

Thanks so much for reading, cheers my busy little beta bugs.

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    • Soooo excited for new colors and costumes!!

    • I can't wait for the winter event, but the painty price raise is kinda disappointing... I already have no hope of getting furdollars, so this'll only make it harder... (Heck I had the kindness of strangers to thank for my first one)

    • I have to admit, the 1$ price was a really big draw into the site.
      "Oh and you can upload your character to play with for just 1$!"
      It was great for sparking that interest, to get other people to actually come check out the site.

      - - -

      As for the Holiday Event, will these costumes be for all new species or already existing species?
      And is the costume Holiday specific or will they be getting a costume we already have?

    • I wonder why the prices are raising... the freedom of painties is my favorite thing in Furvilla

    • I'm very disappointed in the raise in paintie prices :( There's no way I can get all my plans finished in time, I didn't get to make any painties aside from an impulse galaxy cat edit...

      $1 was nice and affordable for everyone. $2.50 doesn't sound like much on its own but it raises my 20 villagers' potential painties from $20 to $50, and that's just for one paintie each.

    • Ok... ok ok let me get this straight.
      You're gonna make the paintie price higher even though its already really, really heckin' hard to get painties uploaded.


    • I don't see a reason to bring up the price change, its no sense. Its only making it HARDER for us to play the game. And especially only 24 hours? Some people don't even run by the server time, and all the announcements come out when I'm tucked in bed or at school! Also, where does 250 come from? That's just... like a random number pulled out of a hat.

      Besides that, I was quite looking forward to December 1st, but its better for us as a community.

      The holiday event! Give me hints!! GIVE. ME. HINTS. I'm so excited :D especially the costumes!

    • I think it was a good idea to push back the opening date since we still need to test the protection quotient more. The holiday event sounds great! I can't wait to find out more about how it is going to work. As for the pantie price, the jump in price is a bit sudden and feels like it will be hard for players who aren't able to or don't have permission to put money on the site to attain.

    • I just don't see any good justification for the raise in paintie price. Players already put their money into the game on a daily basis, and the incoming flow of players once the site opens would guarantee a lot of income for the site if the price were to stay the same. If the intention was to make it so that fewer painties would be submitted (fewer for paintie mods to sift through), the website may suffer economically for it. "Upload a paintie for just $1" was a huge selling point through years of advertising.
      Personally, I am less inclined to put money into something that now costs 150% more than it did previously, and for no stated reason by Furvilla.

    • a h wow the paintie one is... ugh.. kinda shitty