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New Paintie Price, Opening Day & Holiday Event

Posted by Staff on 28 Nov 2016, 1:03 am


Hello everyone, another quick announcement for you all! Going to cover a couple things here so be sure to give it all a thorough read.

Paintie Prices

Paintie prices will be going up, from the current 100 Fur Dollars to the new price of 250 Fur Dollars. This news post is the 72 HOUR WARNING for you to submit at the current price, after the 72 hours are up, the new price will be in effect. So be sure to get those cuties into the queue ASAP if you'd like to take advantage of the 100 Fur Dollar price!

Opening Day

Furvilla Staff have come to the decision to push back opening day to December 7th 2016, this is going to give everyone just a little more time to be sure that all the little ducks are in a row and we are ready to give a warm welcome to all our new members.

Winter Holiday Event

And last but not least, we will have a fun winter holiday event coming to you on December 14th so be prepared for the festivities! We're all looking forward to our first holiday event and can't wait to share it with all of you! This event will be bringing a new holiday themed site layout skin, seasonal items, new limited Villager colors, and drum roll please 6 new species will be getting a Costume!

Thanks so much for reading, cheers my busy little beta bugs.

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    • AH nononoo, how am i supposed to get a whole 250 furdollars just to upload a paintie, im not even good at anything how am i supposed to earn money, goddd,,

    • While I'm a bit disappointed that painties won't cost $1 anymore, I wouldn't say 250 is unfair. Only thing I'd say is unfair about this ordeal is the 24-hour warning. Most people won't be able to finish their WIPs in time for that. Maybe give a 3-day warning instead? That would give others more time to finish stuff up.

    • Ehh, while im not all too excited for the paintie price range, I do suppose to pros muucchh outway the cons. 3 day notice may have been better, haha x3 Looking forward to the event though!

      A clarification question, if I may!!!
      For 24 hour warning, when the price increases will it affect only Painties SUBMITTED after that time, or Painties APPROVED after that time? Cause it would be quite a mess if everyone's submitting their painties and get charged more than double because they didn't get approved fast enough. Thanks!

    • that's quite a price hike... but I suppose it's reasonable.

    • Ugh whyyyy? Why when I finally commission someone must the prices be raised T_T

    • Lots of people are complaining about the price increase but it seems reasonable to me. They were already super cheap, most site premium things are a lot more expensive and this just means that when you buy the lowest amount of FD (500) you get 2 Painties for $5... That's definitely reasonable. If you're still annoyed by it, just think of it like you got the 'beta' price bonus :p

    • The event seems fun!

    • I think 250 FD is VERY reasonable if you realize that 100 FD = 1 US dollar.
      I see the mention of seasonal items, does this mean everything cycles out until next winter or will it all retire permanently afterwards? I'm personally hoping for the former, because retired items really made Flight Rising not fun (and I have the majority of the retired items, so playing devil's advocate haha)

    • Ways to get FD on this website:

      - Sell art: Premade painties and character designs are the easiest. Custom character designs and painties can get you more FD than premades. Commissions are also a great way to go and you can vary your price depending on effort put into it.
      - Sell writing: Write poetry or bios for other people's villagers, or help flesh out a characer.
      - Sell warrior loot: Grindy work, but it's possible. Typically, check the userstalls to see which loots sell for over 500 FC (the current exchange rate is 1:500)
      - Breed and try to get rare and super rare animals. Also grindy.

      -Check the user-run contest board!! There are often threads with FD prizes!! Enter as many as you're able to! Keep trying. (I saw one just before writing this that had a 300 FD top prize)!
      -Keep an eye out for user-run raffles as well.

      - Multiple paintie tickets are rewarded per accepted entry in the Knowledge Base
      - 90 day Daily Streak award
      - Highly likely to be prizes in future Official Contests!

      Alternatively, even if you're pressed for money, you might only be able to donate during special days of the year (Birthday, Christmas, etc). Even a $10 donation will help you out significantly!

      It might seem like a lot right now, especially with the really short warning, but there are ways to get through!
      Be patient, these days can be very rewarding.