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Scheduled Downtime - July 30th - 9am

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 29 Jul 2023, 1:54 pm


We will be conducting a scheduled downtime TOMORROW, JULY 30th at approximately 10am Furvilla time.

The purpose of this downtime is to upload and prepare assets for the Treasure Hunt, which will start immediately once we come back online.

We anticipate this downtime to be a quick one, but please plan accordingly.

Ahoy, Seafarers!!
- Aspen -

For those curious, the Old Foxbury Grande Tourney has been postponed to a later date.


July Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Jul 2023, 11:56 pm


Happy July everyone! Time to take a peek at the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Check out the July FD Pets!


Watch out for that wicked tail! The Scorpion!


Say hello to an old friend! The Bully Pup!


The Sea Bunny! Not very hoppy but still cute!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until August 1st.

July Feast Minipets


It's the Churro Kit! Be sure to say hello!

Have an awesome day/night!


June Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Jun 2023, 12:17 am


Happy June everyone! Take a look at the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Check out the June FD Pets!


Chipmunks?! No, it’s the Gundi!


Say hello to an old friend! The Budgie!


Space Lobster! Not to be confused with a Rock Lobster!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until July 1st.

June Feast Minipets


It's the Cavy Crop! Be sure to say hello!


Happy Pride Everyone! we love that you are here to spend your time celebrating with us and hope you all have an amazing month!

Stop by the Recycling Shop to pick up your very own Rainbow Chime as well as Rainbow Hoodie and a set of Spectrum Bears!

Let your colors shine!

Sending out my love and support to all!


May is Here!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 1 May 2023, 12:02 am


Happy May everyone! Time to take a look at the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Check out the May FD Pets!


Trotting your way, the Oryx Calf!


Say hello to an old friend! The Rhinacorn!


The Fuzzy Mini Moo is here to cuddle!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until June 1st.

May Feast Minipets


It's the Saladmouse! Be sure to say hello!

May Flowers!
- Aspen -


The Gala is Open!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 3 Apr 2023, 12:08 am


It’s GALA TIME! I expect you will be getting yourself ready for that... Do be sure to bring plenty of feathers, as there will be many objects available at the Gala for your perusal and purchase: stickers, rare and super rare creatures... perhaps other things, as we hosts see fit.

Go ahead and grab a fancy hat from the link below, your active Villager will need to be wearing it to be granted entry.


Enjoy the rest of the festival and happy Gala!

- Hkr Quinn


April Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Apr 2023, 8:48 am


Happy April everyone! Time to take a look at the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Check out the April FD Pets!


So very relaxed... The Two Toe Sloth


Say hello to an old friend! The Imp!


The Sea Tortle Swimming your way!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until May 1st.

April Feast Minipets


It's the Cakeybara! Be sure to say hello!

April Showers!


Serpent Tribute NOW!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 27 Mar 2023, 6:30 pm


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the beginning of our 2023 Quetzal Palace Serpent Tribute Festival!

The festival begins now, and will run until 11:59pm on April 10th. The Serpent will only accept offerings during this time frame.

The Gala Ball, where you may trade your serpent feathers for fabulous prizes, will open on April 3rd and close on April 17th at 11:59pm.

Offerings to the Serpent
As in previous years, all of Furvilla comes together at this time to pay tribute to the Great Serpent of Quetzal Palace, both as thanks and for good luck for the upcoming year.


The Serpent provides Serpent's Feathers in exchange for the items it seeks. These feathers will be used as currency during the Gala Ball's Prize Shop when it opens next week.

The Serpent has several specific demands, which you may view on its donation page.



To obtain items the Serpent seeks, you will be calling upon the assistance of the majority of your villagers, as most careers have something to contribute.


The contents of the starter pack are explained below, so read carefully.

Special new recipes!
The redeemable code will provide you with five new recipes.


Crafters, Alchemists, Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Cooks will craft these recipes. Each time a recipe is crafted, a basic item is guaranteed to drop. Occasionally, a rarer version of this item will drop as a bonus in addition to the base item. The Serpent will award more feathers for rarer items.




Don't be shy about donating these items to the Serpent during the festival! Your villagers may continue to craft the above items forever, but be advised the Serpent is picky and will not accept these items next year.

Explorers help too!
While exploring, villagers of the Explorer career will encounter a special event. In this event, you will meet the owner of Quetzal Palace's own souvenir shop, QP Shopkeep's Goods and Gifts.

Make a left at the Fluttering Fluff Puff stall, you can't miss it!

You may pick up an extra recipe or a special magical stone from the shopkeep!


This special exploration event also has a chance of awarding extra crafting materials through an exclusive openable.

Thank you for shopping at QP Shopkeep's!

Warriors step up!
Your Lvl 10+ Warriors may wish to help your cause by heading off to the Serpent Battlegrounds to spar with various elemental warriors and the Serpent itself! This battleground will challenge your fiercest Warriors as well as provide you with extra crafting items needed to appease the Serpent.

Have a novice Warrior who isn't quite tough enough to take on the main battleground? Don't fret! The Serpent is offering some more gentle sparring and training in a lvl 1+ battleground, but your rewards will be far less... rewarding.

Animal Husbandry pitches in!
In the starter pack link code at the top of this post, you will find complimentary special cloud pets. The Serpent seems to be quite fond of rare and super rare versions of these cloud pets, so start breeding!

These pets have a cooldown of 1 day, and are able to breed until the prize shop closes at the end of the festival, on April 17th at 11:59 pm.


As an added bonus, for the duration of the festival, your daily breeding turns have been increased to 100!

All rarities of these cloud pets will also be available for purchase at the Gala Ball.

Herbalists, get those paws dirty!
Your Herbalists may contribute some lovely flower offerings to the Serpent this year! Head on over to the Cottage Shoppe to exchange leafs for Featherfern Seed Packets.


You will only yield one plant per seed (bonuses do not apply), but your harvest will never fail. After the festival concludes, the Cottage Shoppe will stock Featherfern Seed Packets forever.

User stall QoL update
We took advantage of the downtime to add a bit of quality of life code to User Stalls.

Now, while editing your stall, you may click your stock to take you directly to the stall search. I hope this helps you to more quickly price your items.

Enjoy the fun, and please appease the Serpent. It has been waiting a long time for your tribute.
- Aspen -


Scheduled Downtime - March 27th - 4pm

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 26 Mar 2023, 8:53 pm


We will be conducting a scheduled downtime TOMORROW, MARCH 27th at approximately 4pm Furvilla time.

The purpose of this downtime is to upload and prepare assets for the Serpent Tribute, which will start immediately once we come back online.

We anticipate this downtime to last a few hours, so please plan accordingly.

Bee prepared.

See ya' tomorrow, kids!
- Aspen -


Shamrock HUNT!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 10 Mar 2023, 10:19 am


Warm winds are finally blowing into Furvilla, and Spring is right around the corner! To celebrate, your Explorers can participate in the Great Shamrock Hunt from now through March 31st!


Collecting shamrocks is easy! All you need to do is explore and you will find shamrocks everywhere. Collect 77 of them to craft a special Spectrum 4 Leaf Clover using a Spectrum Magic Recipe, which may be purchased in the Cottage Shoppe. This recipe can be learned by Crafters.


Your Spectrum 4 Leaf Clover may be held by a villager as a keepsake, or you can open it to try your luck at receiving one of the following items:


If you are lucky while opening your clover, you will also receive this fabulous bonus!

New to Furvilla, or wish to re-make past Shamrock Hunt items? No worries, you can always pick up older Magic Recipes from the Cottage Shoppe.

Happy Shamrock hunting, and good luck to you all!
- Aspen -


Deadly Rogues Spotted in Furvilla!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 7 Mar 2023, 3:12 pm


EEK! Who the heck are those rough looking villagers? They look dangerous.

Wanted for Crimes.

Deadly Rogues
These ruffians are the Deadly Rogues, and are featured in the new Level 20 battleground of the same name. In this battleground, you will find various rare items, as well as equipment these dodgy critters have modified for nefarious uses!


Don't forget! Warriors must be at least level 20 to access this new battleground.

New Stock in the "Fair" Exchange
Our dear friend, the Traveler, has acquired new stock to help mix up your battles.

Reforged with love.

Um... sorry about the prices. The Traveler claims he has "hyena bills".

Festival News!
We are planning to restart village festivals at the end of this month with the return of the Serpent Tribute! We just need a little bit more time to put the final touches on the event, and are so excited to bring the celebrations back to Furvilla. The Serpent demands tribute!

Enjoy the fight!
- Aspen -