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Scheduled Downtime - December 22nd at 4 pm

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 21 Dec 2020, 11:26 pm


Happy snow days everyone!

We are planning a scheduled downtime for Tuesday, December 22nd, 4 PM Furvilla time.

The primarily purpose of this downtime will be updates and testing related to the Snow Festival slated to start the following day. We anticipate this to take at least 2 hours. I'll post a follow-up news post afterwards announcing the planned start time to the event, as well as any other notable information.

Thank you!

-Hkr Quinn


New Species Name Vote!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2020, 3:05 pm


Wanna help name the new Furvilla species? Make sure to let us know which name you like best by casting your vote!

-> http://www.furvilla.com/poll/52 <-



Snow Festival Not Starting!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 21 Dec 2020, 12:58 am


It seems a mischievous fox has been playing around in the code and the Snow Festival was prematurely started!


-Fairy Items have not been changed, while you can currently find Snow Fairies while exploring, they will still give 2019 items. We advise that you do not open any fairies until the real start of the Festival.

-We will be having downtime to test the Festival on Tuesday the 22nd and the Festival will be starting with new items and Battleground on Wednesday the 23rd.

-Please be patient with us while we work on getting things resolved (festival turned off) and know we are looking forward to having a fun Snow Festival with all of you when it’s time.

Big thanks for being understanding of our technical difficulties!


Dress Up Time Part 3!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 17 Dec 2020, 2:39 pm


Looks like a high flying new friend has come to town, everybody say hello to the Feral Raptor (Harpy Eagle) and be sure to make this new Villager feel welcome!


Feral Raptor is now available through the use of the Feral Costume on your lovely Raptor villagers!

Have Harpy Day!


Happy 4th Annifursary Furvilla!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 7 Dec 2020, 4:29 pm


Happy 4th Annifursay, Furvilla!

This year's celebration will last from now until January 1st, 2021!

To help kick off this year's mini-celebration, let's all give a warm welcome to the Furvilla Annifursary Choir!


♫♪Four years of Furvilla
We hope you had a lot of fun!
Four years of Furvilla
We've loved every one!

All of us together
Big or small no fuss!
No matter fur or feather,
Please accept a gift from us!♪♫


Special Gifts!

The most handsome trunk not on an elephant!

This year's openable is the 4th Annifursary Steamer Trunk! Inside, you will find all manner of treasures gifted to you from each of Furvilla's Staff members.

I actually heard a rumor recently, that some of these trunks can be found rarely while exploring in that golden forest, just outside of Furvilla. You know the one, right?

This one.

The Furvilla 4th Annifursary Gift Box will also rarely drop as loot from the following battlegrounds:

- Skittering Monsters
- Mystic Gardens
- Deadly Monsters
- The Abyss
- Deadlier Monsters
- Furvilla’s Folly (a temporary staff-made Battleground)

The Furvilla's Folly battleground will be live until the end of the event, and it has a few new very rare surprises inside!

Remember to be strong. ♥


Owner-Quinn made you a gift too! Check out this Golden Buff Dust!

Just... just don't like eat it or anything...

This item will award a special buff to your account. When you use it, you will unlock the following for a full 24 hours:

- 20% more FC while exploring
- 10% more FC while fighting monsters
- 2x EXP for your warriors

Golden Buff Dust has a 1% chance of dropping from a 4th Annifursary Trunk. It also may drop very rarely in Furvilla's Folly, and has a 5% chance of dropping from a Box of Light.

This buff mechanic is a updated version of older code. If you encounter any issues using your Buff Dust, please post in the bug forum.


Hey everyone, enjoy the Annifursary and don't forget to check out the Official Contest forum for new month long contests, that are surprisingly not all Winter themed this year! We've got Art, Painties, Writing, Vistas, and Tree Decorating and we'd love to see your entries!

Also be on the look out for Polls to be announced in the Change Log for a new round of FV Trivia!


Thanks, Mat! HEY... I think I found your hat, but some kinda' winged eyeball creatures swooped down and took it right from me! They were headed off to the Folly, I do hope someone finds your hat!

Thank you for playing Furvilla! Year Five is comin' up next!

Your wolf pal,
- Aspen -


Dress Up Time Part 2!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 3 Dec 2020, 5:25 am


Looks like a very fun loving new friend has come to town, everybody say hello to the Graffiti Hyena and be sure to make this new Villager feel welcome!


Graffiti Hyena is now available through the use of the Graffiti Costume on your lovely Hyena villagers!

Have a colorful day!


The Birthday Boutique!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 1 Dec 2020, 7:21 pm


Welcome to Fizzabelle, host of our new Birthday Boutique, where all of Furvilla's birthday-specific items have been moved from the Furdollar Emporium.

On the day of your birthday each year, you will receive 20% off purchases made in the Boutique! This offer is good on the day of your birthday only, so make sure you schedule a little visit to Furvilla between your cake and presents.

Our tradition of giving a gift to every player when they log in on their birthday will continue in 2021, and we already have some special new surprises planned for you!

Gembound Plush!
In year 1 of Furvilla, players received non-magic Gembound Plushes as a birthday gift. These items are now available for 550FD in the Boutique, and will remained stocked permanently. Their magic counterparts will remain in the Furdollar Emporium

Gembounds Assemble!

We Need YOUR Help!
Hmm... you know what? Fizzabelle's species is so rare in Furvilla, even we don't know what it's called! Maybe you can help?

Whatever I am, I am adorable!

Admin-Mat is holding a contest to help name the species of our new friend. We hear there are more of Fizzabelle's kind on their way to Furvilla, and they sure would love a name before the new year!

Let's Get BUFFED!
The following costume creation items are now classified as either a keepsake or an outfit, and provide buffs that match their costumes!

Waste not, want not!

Speaking of birthdays... hmm I think Furvilla's Annifursary is next week! Time flies like a banana, eh?

- Aspen -


December Is Here!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Dec 2020, 2:36 pm


Happy December everyone! Time for the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Take a peek out the December FD Pets!


Look at those fluffy manes on the Lionhead!


Let’s welcome back an old friend! The Sneep!


Cozy Badgers! Another old friend is here!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until Janury 1st.

December Feast Minipets


Have a great day!


Black Jade Week!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 27 Nov 2020, 3:31 pm


Hi everyone! Welcome to Black Jade Week!

The Furvilla Black Jade Week will run from now until December 5th, 2020 at 11:59pm Furvilla time!

FD Sale and Gembound Stone Bonus
Every purchase of FD will result in a 50% extra bonus!

In addition to the FD bonus, certain bundles will award you a quantity of Black Jade Gembound Stones, which will transform any villager into a Black Jade Gembound.

We have prepared the following special bundles just for Black Jade Week.


- $4.99 -
750FD (up from 500FD)

- $9.99 -
1575FD (up from 1050FD)

- $19.99 -
3225FD (up from 2150FD)
+1 Black Jade Gembound Stone

- $49.99 -
8250FD (up from 5500FD)
+2 Black Jade Gembound Stones

- $99.99 -
17250FD (up from 11500FD)
+5 Black Jade Gembound Stones

Hey there Fancy Pants, play the songs that make us dance!

Furdollar Emporium Special Items
The following items will be for sale in the FurDollar Emporium until December 5th.


The above Non-Magical plush, Magical stickers, and the Black Jade Gembound Stone will be available yearly during future Black Friday events to help with your Toybox, Sticker Album, and Stone collections.

Special Explore Event
While out exploring, you will again encounter our dear panther pal, Xaender Van Buckles (but do remember, his friends call him "Buck"). Buck has an all new look this year, and he just can't wait to visit with you and maybe even share some special gifts!


Buck is so generous!

Black Jade Clothing!
We are excited to show off three new clothing items! This new Black Jade clothing may be either purchased in a gift box from the FurDollar Emporium, or purchased individually from the Fair Exchange for FC until the end of the event. You may also pick up extras of previous clothing as well!

The Traveler insists that he needs to charge a premium for the newer items for some reason. (I don't argue with Hyenas, it never yields positive results.)


Fair Exchange Special
The following two items in the Fair Exchange are HALF OFF for Black Jade week only:


Gilded Treasure Chest (Originally 375000) - SALE 187500
Elefight Treasure Chest (Originally 2500000) - SALE 1250000

The drop odds on Gilded Treasure Chest have been increased for more favorable outcomes. This is a permanent change.


DOUBLE EXP in All Battlegrounds!
Double EXP in all battlegrounds is back for the duration of Black Jade Week! Let's show those monsters who's boss, 'kay?

Furvilla's Merch Shop Giveaway!
We are once again giving away physical Black Rose and Lilac Rose Gembound stickers with certain purchases from our Merch Shop. You will also recieve an in-game code for the Magic version to redeem on the site.


- Spend $20 - receive 1 Gembound sticker & code at random.
- Spend $30 - receive each style Gembound sticker & code.
- Spend $40 - receive each style Gembound sticker & code, plus 1 at random.
- Spend $60 - receive 2 sets of each style Gembound sticker & code!

*This pattern will continue on larger orders, with no limit. Spending tiers represent cart total before shipping charges. Giveaway stickers are based on single transaction amounts.


- Special Black Jade Week bundles are available for those who purchase FD during the event! Some bundles award a Black Jade Gembound Stone directly to your account at time of purchase.

- Black Jade Gembound Stone is for sale in the FDE. It will be available yearly.

- Non Magic Lilac Rose and Black Rose Gembound plush are for sale in the FDE. They will be available yearly.

- Magic Lilac Rose and Black Rose Gembound stickers are for sale in the FDE. They will be available yearly.

- Visit the FD Emporium to pick up this year's new Black Jade item openables, as well as openables from previous years.

- Visit the Fair Exchange to pick up individual items from this year's new Black Jade items as well as extras from past years.

- Gilded Treasure Chest and Elefight Treasure Chest are half price in the Fair Exchange.

- Enjoy a special explore event with exclusive drops and other gifts from your pal, Buck!

- Receive physical Gembound stickers and codes when purchasing items from our merch shop based on amount spent.

- The event will end and all items for sale in the FDE and Fair Exchange will be removed on December 5th at 11:59pm Furvilla time.

Thank you for your Support
Thank you for playing Furvilla, and please enjoy this special mini event.

We understand this has been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. Every FD item available during this event will be available next year. Furvilla uses all of its sales to keep the site online and to pay each of our wonderful artists for content. By making any purchases, you are helping to bring more art to Furvilla, and we thank you for that.

Have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season. 2020 is almost over, and better days will come, my friends.

- Aspen -


Scheduled Downtime - November 27th at 2 pm

Posted by Admin-Mat on 26 Nov 2020, 9:59 pm


Heya all!

We are planning a scheduled downtime for Friday, November 27th, 2 PM Furvilla time.

This will hopefully be brief as we test updated code for FD purchases. We will post any updates on Twitter if the downtime ends up taking significantly longer than expected.

Thank you!

-Hkr Quinn