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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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    • Thank you ;w; And thansk for accepting! can't believe I didn't send it earlier x3 and awwww thank you ;w; You're such an amazing person you know that?

    • from what I understand the unicorn and dragon are only able to be gotten from the kickstarter so people without the funds or join later are SOL. I plan to stick around on furvilla as well myself but that dragon thou xD If you sell some the decor and such let me know :p I would be willing to buy depending on what you wanted x3 I thinkkk based off the new town we may get bird species... or decor at least.

    • yeah x3 I hope dappervolk allows cross site trading so I can liquidate this account to get a dragon over there. and yeah I wonder! I want to get the username Dipper but im debating between animal and galaxy. If I get the username Dipper I may go space because what if ichoose animal and its only deer? (based of the pics) I hate deer dipper so that would ruin he game for me.... I hope we get animals like snakes and foxes! You have any animal hopes?

    • sorryforthespam, if you want me to stop let me know)) Idk if you follow the tumblr but have you seen? Aviar Cove? I wonder if it will be like here where you join a village.

    • The designs are so cool ^^ I'm hoping to trade for the obsidian dragon personally :p Whats your fav?

    • Or I do have ideas for the characters but I'm not able to do it (because too lazy to write or too difficult to draw e-e)

      And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PLUSH?? I was hesitating to purchase it (I was partially expecting the prices to change again haha) But now/// aaah Thank you so much,, that's so kind of you// ♥

    • Ok haha// Though I'm being a bad OC mama, I still don't know what I'll be doing with these two cuties ;_; most of the cuties i bought actually

    • Thank you! :0

    • That's up to you my friend. I'm sure I'm not the only poor OD resident with sick, medless villagers '>.<

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