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Username: Enoch
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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leaving the site

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    • ahh thank you!

    • no worries, i think it worked the second time! and you can credit however you'd like, i don't mind ^^

    • I CANNOT WAIT THIS MAKES ME SO EXCITED. I can swoon over Zephy even more now. *u*

    • It's crazy how busy life can get at times. And yet, it can be utterly boring at times too. Ugh. I'm glad you're doing good. OH I meant to ask - what did you end up commissioning Kiwiggle for? :o

    • Lifes been weird, but I've been okay. :D How have you been?

    • Would you trade your Neon Lights Jelliquarium for a Prism Birbodile?

    • Thank you friend! Have a great day/night :3

    • Omg I had no idea you were waiting for art from S4ints
      I hope we are cool ;w;

    • No worries~ Nothing to be sorry about. It's just a part of human nature to worry; I know it all to well xD

    • Unfortunately I won't be doing so this time around.

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