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Username: Enoch
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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    • I stocked up as much as I could before changing my doctor to an explorer but somehow I didn't make enough to last three days so you really did help there. That was awesome of you.

    • Thank you for putting meds in the Giving Tree you are a godsend

    • a fellow pastel,, I love your villagers and your profile! ALSO YOUR FORUM SET UP IS GORGEOUS <3

    • your icon and your vista work perfectly asjfgds

    • Oh no it's fine. First come first serve! I just got lucky and got 4 boxes and ended up getting one of each bird.
      Yeah the shopkeeper style was one I would have gone with too! Maybe I'll get another chance one day so who knows! Haha but Kwiggle is out of my price range~ I'm too poor for my own good! But congrats on getting it.

    • Ahh thank you so much. You are absolutely sweet.

    • We have opposite vistas. *u* You have the dark wings and I have the light wings.

    • Is it bad that when you said you're going to "make me sleep" I just picture you thwapping me with a pillow furiously? xD

    • Oh my lord, you could? ;o; I honestly didnt think it would drop so fast though, huh. But yes! Still super interested, I dont have either xD

    • I'm beyond excited now!!

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