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Username: Enoch
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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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    • GAH! Not at all! I was just replying to the PM, and of course my head is a little all over the place due to a mix of it being late, and intoxication xD But I know we'll get things sorted out~ I'm more than happy to help you out over all with wand making supplies, and really can't thank you enough for joining us on the stream~ Believe it or not, it does mean a lot to me~ <33

    • not at all, and your css is very pleasing to the eye as well ♥ i adore the colors

    • sorry, its only for my use! i am glad you like it though

    • You're welcome and thank you too ! I love manokits :>

    • aw oh my gosh that's super duper sweet of you!! ;_;

    • True.... *scrambles to commission people*

    • Seeing Zeph and Bea would be interesting. She's so small, and he's so big. XD!!

    • Ahh thank you. The CSS was by alxq but I did a few edits and I'm really happy with it. My friend made the watercolor repeating background. :D

    • yes, it's so full of personality, which is why it caught my eye! <3 thankyou!

    • who made your avatar, if you don't mind me asking? :o it's so cute!

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