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    • Oh geez it will? Well, yes let's do it sooner rather than later ^^; I'm sorry for being slow! Would breeding with Minerva be okay? I love their colors ;w;

    • -hugs- thanks so much. Honestly. The kind words from everyone has made this entire situation almost comical for me in a way. I was pretty upset (mostly because I was way too excited for it) but now I think I can laugh it off since you guys all shared the moment with me. :) I hope you get something awesome tomorrow! Restore our faith in the rng x3

      (your profile is beautiful oml!)

    • ((I promise I'm not ignoring you in Spellengels thread I just want to name me bab before I go back aaaa
      But yes I'd love to mate just give me a bit ^^;))

    • Oh okay! I knew about the touch sensitivity, but I thought you were specifically referring to the color aide/association. I'm still going to educate myself more on the subject! Would you like me to hide your comments on my page? I can do that for you.

    • You're very welcome ♥
      It's the same time for me here too, rest well it was really nice talking to you as well :D

    • Oh wow that's really unique o:
      I really love the colors and design, never seen anything like it for sure.

    • Wow! I didn't even think of that! I should do more research on color association with autism! I actually have synesthesia, so most of my personal characters tend to be solid colors or similar colors. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some very pretty characters of various colors put together, but often, too many colors married in one character can be very overwhelming and even anxiety inducing. This is because colors tend to have a 'sound' in my head, and too many colors, especially contrasting colors, are 'noisy'... if that makes any sense. X3

    • XD Nah you weren't rude at all, asking questions is a good thing. Like my grandmother says always ask questions it helps you learn things more.

      BTW off topic but Zephyrus is adorable what is he if I may ask?

    • Aww I am very happy to help. I know people tend to get wary on this especially when a contract is involved. If you do happen to join in the contest I wish you the best of luck! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day/week too n.n ♥

    • I don't blame you. I'm currently doodling my characters to get a sense of a storyline for my villagers as a whole. Since ideally, I want them to live among eachother and rely on one another. :D

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