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User ID: #47578
Username: Omelette
Gender: Egg
Last Online: 8 Apr 2021, 6:29 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 7:52 pm

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《Female|23|July 19th|Tired|Jokester|Lazy》

♡*-- Adopt Shoppe --*♡

I don't play as often as I used to, but I still check in every now and then to see what's going on! I'm pretty laid back and sometimes even shy, but easy to get along with and always welcoming new pals.

I'm willing to accept all friend requests provided we have gotten to know each other a bit beforehand.

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    • I was super lucky in that I was able to pop another super rare out of the box even after the first one. You probably don't know this, but on my first box, I got a super rare birb. And then I gift them to Beakybirds 'cause they're my friend and heck they deserve the birb. So when Kiwiggle wanted a full set, I had to buy more boxes. I'm really lucky to have gotten another one. LOL

    • Ahhhh, sorry I beat you to getting that commission from Kiwiggle but I had to jump on that as soon as I saw it. If you're curious, I'm getting a shopkeeper style picture of Zephyrus. So I'm really excited to see how Kiwiggle interprets him into the furvilla style aaaaaaa

    • Omigosh no PLEASE DO NOT CRY IT'S OKAY
      It was a simple mistake (and I also feel your pain with glasses sobs)
      but they're open now <3333

    • Nono it's okay really, the thread was gonna be very short anyway and that is what copy and paste is for pfff
      Normally I make my title much more obvious haha, but I thought I could get it done quickly l'''D

    • No worries about the post <333

    • (((i know exactly what youre talking about and i was like wtf cant u take a joke)))

    • ur egg talk in chat has resurrected my will to live

    • I'm just asking in case there's any chance at all, but do I own any villagers you want that you'd trade Theodosia for?

    • Oh??
      Thank you! But if you want them back, I can send them back to you!
      Just tell me what they were

    • tumblr_obt9beJXdP1rjyq8lo1_500.gif

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