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User ID: #7806
Username: Ramorgi
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:41 pm

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✘ where you can find me ✘
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    • Do you still have a FV wishlist?

    • Can't trust anyone

      Not even myself

    • You wanna head the dumbest thing?

      ..it's my own fault...

      Without thinking, I was competing against myself with Grent, who ended up winning the trophy I hoped Simon would get, but I didn't realise until I collected my prizes xD

    • I'm glad Baxter passed Simon in fur idol

      I wouldn't be able to deal with gold gold silver gold

      I think I'm gonna try my best to get him to gold gold silver silver bronze bronze 8^)

    • Indeed!

      I love the new music videos they released - especially 'Legends Never Die'

    • I have found a fellow LoL player ovo

    • Baxter's violin paintie is SO GOOD

    • ahh thank you so much!

    • is that third example on your thread a poogle wearing a pinchit (i think that's what that p3 is called)

    • OH JEE- OK--

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